Discover How To Improve Engagement On Your Youtube Channel In 2020

Discover How To Improve Engagement On Your Youtube Channel In 2020

Having a YouTube channel has become especially tough, considering the high amount of competition. That is why, along with the usual things you do to promote your channel, it is important to know that promotion alone will not help you. Here is how you can improve engagement on Youtube channel.

What is engagement and how can you improve it

You need to increase engagement on Youtube. Engagement is basically where your audience not only watches your content but also interacts with you in terms of hashtags, comments, shares, and likes. Here are a few tips on how to ensure you increase this engagement and have an edge over your competition.

1. Use catchy thumbnails

This trick is one that can help the viewer decide if they want to watch your video or not. A thumbnail is an image that appears with your video before the viewer clicks on it. It is sort of an introductory image to the content of your video. 

You can make your thumbnail using an image editing application or website. These applications make it very quick and easy for beginners to edit images. Make sure your thumbnail is extremely engaging by including an element of mystery, if possible. 

Some thumbnails even include a short one or two-word text that gives the user supplementary information apart from the title of the video. Make it colorful and attractive so that it stands out among the other videos on the page.

2. Try some SEO 

This is crucial in terms of giving a title to your video. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means that you use words in your title and description in a way where your video comes on top of your viewers’ search results. 

To do SEO well, you need to research what type of audience you have and what is the content they look up on YouTube. Try to enter those exact keywords in your own video title and description.

SEO is a very easy to use and unique tool that has been under the practice of almost all marketing and digital agencies. It helps you track and target your audience efficiently.

3. Shorter videos are critical

We are well aware of the fact that as digital mediums have started gaining momentum, the attention span of an average person has diminished. Earlier, people could concentrate on videos and books a lot more than they can now.

One of the reasons for this could also be the fact that due to a fast-moving and on-the-go life, people do not have the patience for long and minutely detailed videos

A video between 5-7 minutes in length should be ideal. You can edit these videos using some of the best free video editors online and make your job much easier. Stick to the point, remove any extra fluff, and don’t beat around the bush too much.

4. A call to action is must

A call to action is essentially when you, as a creator, ask your viewers to do something. It is usually placed always towards the end of the video, but some creators also like to get it out of the way. One of the most famous examples of this includes the way a creator will ask the viewer to like, share, comment, and subscribe to their videos.

This is one of the aspects of your videos where you invite your viewers to participate and not just passively consume your content. As a creator, a call to action is very important for you since it is asking your viewers to do something for you. This can be a great way for you to reach out to a larger audience.

5. Encourage contests

From time to time, most creators like to keep their viewers engaged by holding small or large scale contests. You can craft these contests surrounding your content and channel type, and ask viewers to participate.

For e.g., if you have a beauty channel, you can ask your audience to do a makeup challenge where they do their own makeup by following one of your tutorials and tagging you in the videos.

These contests can also be held in partnership with a brand so that you can even make some money out of it, and the winner can win the products of this particular brand. You can make invitations for the same using an invitation maker online free printable.

6. Keep an eye out for current events

Most of the time, a potential audience member might be looking to know more about current events, and if your videos are updated regularly and generate content surrounding these events, they might just stumble upon your channel.

See what the current ongoings are, both national and international, and try to integrate your content along with the same. Aligning your videos with the current events is also a skill that takes time to develop. Since most people might be in search of content surrounding current affairs, they might end up liking your videos too.

For e.g., owing to the coronavirus situation, many cooking channels have now started coming up with recipes that are easy to make at home. This is because they realized that since everyone is home, they might need some help with daily cooking tasks.

7. Use promotional tools

The basics of having an engaging audience involves understanding your audience. This is done by most brands and companies by hiring research professionals that carry out surveys, focus groups, and pass on questionnaires to understand the wants and needs of the consumer. 

But, this can be done in a very easy manner on social media. All platforms help business accounts track their views, shares, and activities online. So, all you need to do is convert to a business account, and the platforms will give you a weekly and monthly update of your activities. This Engagement On Youtube or on other platforms might help boost your YouTube channel too.


Considering how much digital media an average consumer uses every day, it shouldn’t be too difficult to engage with them on a medium as popular as YouTube.

Make sure you use all the above tips well and even introduce some of your own tricks into the whole process to ensure that your channel does not only have good content, but it also has the reach and Engagement On Youtube it deserves.

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