A Guide on How To Turn Your Smartphone into Your PS4’s Secondary Screen

A Guide on How To Turn Your Smartphone into Your PS4’s Secondary Screen

Because of how smartphones screen have evolved in recent years, many features and applications became more convenient and accessible. The latest variations of mobile devices have evolved into a high-end gadget that allows its users to access various applications that are usually utilized on a personal computer.

If you’re an avid gamer, users can utilize their smartphone devices to experience the titles on a different level. Particularly on the PS4, the platform offers its users more accessibility options regardless of wherever you are. One remarkable feature is PlayStation’s Second Screen application.

Get to Know The Second Screen Application

The PS4 second screen application is a great software that allows its users to have more comfortable and more accessible game sessions. It gives the users of the app the capability to control various features of the PS4 fully.

Back in 2013, PlayStation Inc. debuted their first Playstation App variation. Its convenient features allow users to see whoever is online, customize their network, and receive important notifications. The company wanted to extend the console experience to a secondary screen, which resulted in the company announcing the Second Screen app to be available on Android, iOS, and the PlayStation Vita.

How It Works

The second screen application offers numerous features and convenience. Firstly, the software allows its users to conveniently go through the console’s extra content and main menu. Of course, it’s only applicable to compatible games. The app can make a smartphone into a secondary controller as well, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

According to the company, the second screen application can give smartphones the ‘Remote Play’ feature. Additionally, it allows users to utilize your console with a smartphone. It can also display information from compatible games while playing, as well as the capability to enter texts through your smartphone.

Setting It All Up your Screen

Before anything else, users must have a Playstation Network account first because it’s a requisite to use all of its features. In cases that a user doesn’t have a PSN account, they can always create one for free as it also doesn’t require any bank or card details upon registering. Of course, to buy anything from the store, users would need to load up their PSN wallet as it’s the system’s currency.

Using The App

Using the application allows users to fully utilize its features by allowing them to stay connected on their PS4 console by using a smartphones Second Screen application. If you don’t know how to set it all up, we’ll show the initial steps to download and use the application to get you started.

Initially, you need to download the application from the Play Store or App Store, depending on your operating system. Secondly, open the downloaded application and select ‘Continue as [your name].’ Then, sign in to their system by using your recently made Playstation account’s username and password. Once it’s all set up, you can now sync the PS4 console to your smartphone.


There you have it, a quick guide on how to turn any mobile device into your PS4’s secondary screen. The feature can serve multiple purposes, such as using it as a remote, a keyboard, and communicating to your audience when streaming. Moreover, there are specific game titles that can fully utilize the second screen feature.

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