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Story by: Michael Sussman
Teleplay by: Michael Sussman
Directed by: Roxann Dawson

After some flashbacks, the scene shifts to T’Pol’s quarters where she is meditating. A male Vulcan enters and we see that T’Pol is now elderly. She asks about the probe. He tells her they couldn’t stop it; that it has entered the vortex and is on its way to Earth. T’Pol remarks that seven million will die. The male Vulcan tells her: “Everything is happening as it did before.” She replies: “Then you have no choice. You must find Jonathan Archer.”

We find a young T’Pol in her quarters meditating. Trip enters. He thinks they should give themselves neuro-pressure treatments to help relieve stress. She tells him he knows enough about them and that she’s taught him all she can. He confesses that he’s sleeping well and doesn’t really need the treatments; that he’s there because he’s worried about her. She is spending a lot of time alone in her quarters. He tells her: “You’ve been avoiding me ever since the two of us…you know when we….” T’Pol finishes the statement: “Had sexual relations.” Trip chuckles at how straightforward she is. He tells her she helped him through a difficult time and he wants to reciprocate. She tells him there’s no need; that she is fine.

Later on the Bridge, Reed tells Archer and T’Pol that Degra said there were only a couple of Kovaalan ships inside the nebula. T’Pol corrects him and says there are six ships. Archer tells them Degra said the Kovaalans don’t like “trespassers”. They are located near the corridor. Archer suggests they “ionize” the hull so they won’t be detected. Reed adds that they should enter “near a layer of metreon gas.” He tells Archer: “It would reflect our engine signature, create multiple sensor ghosts and false readings. If we’re lucky, they won’t know which one to fire at.”

At the Xindi Council chamber, the other Xindi-Primate thinks Archer may launch an attack on the Council now that he knows the coordinates to their location. Degra replies Archer’s ship wouldn’t survive if it attacked. The Arboreal suggests “there may be other human ships in the Expanse.” The Xindi-Primate tells Degra that he can’t bring Archer to the Council. Degra protests. The Primate tells him that Archer would be killed the minute he showed up. Degra and the Arboreal try to convince the Primate and tell him they’ve seen the evidence. The primate argues that the humans may have manufactured it. The Primate tells Degra that the Reptilians guard the area around the corridor and that “they’ll destroy the human vessel as soon as it comes through.” Degra replies: “We can protect them.” The Primate retorts: “What makes you think the Reptilians won’t fire on us?”

Archer’s ship arrives at the nebula. The com beeps and T’Pol tells Archer: “A ship is dropping out of warp.” She says: “This can’t be right.” Archer wants to know what it is. She tells him: “It’s Starfleet, NX class.” Travis states: “Whoever they are, they’re on an intercept course.” Reed thinks it is the NX-02 Columbia. Archer says it isn’t yet completed. They get hailed by

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