10 Potential Benefits Of Tongkat Ali That Are Backed by Science

10 Potential Benefits Of Tongkat Ali That Are Backed by Science

Tongkat ali or long jack is a shrubby tree found mostly in southeast Asia. This is native to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. The scientific name of this tree is Eurycoma longifolia. The roots of this tree have proven benefits. 

Tongkat ali or Malaysian ginseng have tons of benefits to count. Its root contains quassinoids and alkaloids in a good amount, which imparts medicinal benefits like anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, anti-parasite, and many more. Other than that, it is rich with bioactive compounds like eurycomanone and eurycolactone.

Tongkat ali is taken as a dietary supplement. Some take it with energy beverages, tea, or coffee. Other than that, you can take Tongkat Ali dosage like pills or capsules. Why would you take this?

Tongkat Ali Benefits

It is not that Tongkat ali has only male sexual benefits. It has some more benefits to count. Let’s find more about what Tongkat ali has to offer.

1.More Testosterone Production

Testosterone, or male sex hormones, have decreased production after around 35 years of age. After you reach 35, the hormone slowly decreases over time. Testosterone may also decrease due to powerful medication, extreme temperatures, radiation, or infection in testes.

Tongkat ali improves testosterone production. Lack of this hormone makes you lethargic and draws down your virility. A study of 76 older people showed positive results with tongkat ali. Each individual consumed 200mg of tongkat ali extract for a complete month. Guess what? 90% of them spiked with testosterone production.

  1. Improves Libido and Sexual Benefits

Men can lose their libido or sexual attention due to low testosterone levels. Along with that, work efficiency falls, and frustration is on the card. People with erectile dysfunction had a profound improvement with tongkat ali. 

Tongkat ali is a good alternative to Viagra. It is a herbal med that has the least side effects and still plays a big role in your bed. A study on 26 men showed positive libido score improvement with tongkat ali. Yes, all individuals took it as a dietary supplement, and it increased their erection time as well. 

  1. Improving Male Fertility

Male infertility may occur due to low semen volume, less sperm motility, less sperm concentration, and defective sperm morphology. Immotile sperm has the least chance to fertilize the ovum, so it is true for oligospermia. Tongkat ali can improve these conditions.

The University of Science in Malaysia conducted a study about tongkat ali effects on 109 men. They all consumed tongkat ali for 12 weeks on a regular basis. A daily intake of capsules increased their sperm motility, semen volume, libido, and erectile time. 

  1. More Muscle Strength
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The increase in testosterone means more muscle strength. Yes, testosterone is directly involved with growing muscle mass. That makes you more energetic at work. To find it, a study was carried out with the tongkat ali supplement. 

Thirty-two men took 100mg of tongkat ali for four weeks. The result was significant. They all improved muscle strength with squat, deadlift, and bench exercises. Regular intake of this herbal med can improve your overall performance. 

  1. Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density. So, bones become more fragile and lightweight. It looks more porous under the microscope. Testosterone increases bone density and increases Red blood cell production.

Tongkat ali increases testosterone production and improves bone density. A study at the National University of Malaysia found that tongkat ali stimulates the production of osteoblast and kills osteoclast. That piles more bone mass and prevents calcium loss from the core of a bone. 

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Cancer is the second most leading cause of death worldwide. Nearly nine and a half million people die with cancer every year. Cancer treatment is also expensive. Tongkat ali is one of those shrubs which possess anti-cancer properties.

The National Research Center in Cairo conducted research on subcutaneous tumors with tongkat ali. Regular consumption of tongkat ali showed a reduction in tumor sizes among 9 out of 13 patients. That is clear evidence of tongkat ali’s anti-cancer activities.

  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Tongkat ali also works to lift your mood. An improved mood can decrease your tension, stress, and anxiety. A study of 63 people from both genders was asked for a trial. They took 200mg of tongkat ali every day for four weeks. 

In just four weeks, there was 16% less cortisol exposure and 15% less confusion. People with tongkat ali had 11% less tension and 12% less anger than before, so they are much more focused on their job. Also, a few of them reported more euphoric with tongkat ali consumption.

  1. Improves Immune System
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Tongkat ali works great on the immune system too. Tokyo Medical University researched this. Eighty-four people of both genders (different age groups) took 200mg of tongkat ali for four weeks. 

The result is simply incredible. Almost all the human subjects increased CD4+, T-cell, and naive T-cells count. This is a clear sign that this herb has a significant effect on improving the immune system.

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

The normal blood sugar level is less than 100 mg/dl during fasting and 140mg/dl after two hours of your meal. If the blood sugar level is always high, then it is a clear sign of diabetes. More than 400 million people across the globe are affected by diabetes. 

Research conducted by the Bioscience Department of the National University of Malaysia got positive results with tongkat ali consumption among diabetes patients. Fifty-two patients took tongkat ali for nearly sixteen weeks regularly. That has helped 31 patients to leave insulin dependency. 

Other than blood sugar, tongkat ali helps reduce blood pressure as well. The presence of quassinoids and alkaloids has an impact on blood pressure cut off. The research found tongkat ali widens blood vessels and blood pressure falls. 

  1. Anti-parasitic Agent

Because of quassinoids, tongkat ali prevents parasitic growth. Not only does it kill parasites, but it also inhibits parasite reproduction. The University of Malaya carried out a study on this. Tongkat Ali inhibited the growth and production of intestinal parasites. It revealed the highest antiprotozoal activity at 1mg/ml.

Other than anti-parasitic, tongkat ali also has anti-ulcer, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is not that tongkat ali is only for men’s health and sexual improvement. It has more other good benefits to count. A spoon of tongkat ali per day means a lot more security measures for your life. Take the best of the shrub roots. It’s worth your money.

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