11 Tips for Driving During Winter

11 Tips for Driving During Winter

Winter carries the most dangerous weather conditions for driving. Wind, cold, rain, snow and ice condition the traffic and force the driver to modify his driving. The main tips to deal with these adverse conditions are included in these 10 tips for long-distance winter driving

  1. Tuning winter

Be patient. This is the first thing you should learn and the fundamental thing. It may be difficult for your car to start because of the cold, so put the key in the contact position and when all the lights go out, you put the key in the starting position by simultaneously pressing the clutch (in the most modern cars it is necessary to tear it away) If this does not work at first, calm down! Return the key to its initial position, wait about 15 seconds and start the process again. The car to be safe must be in perfect condition. Tires, brakes and shock absorbers; as well as the battery, windshield wipers, and spark plugs should be checked.

     2. Correct air conditioning of the cabin

It is essential that the driver feels comfortable at the wheel, the temperature must be ideal for driving without feeling cold or excessive heat. This tip is the most obvious of these 10 tips for winter driving; however, it is necessary to remember it and put it into practice to achieve safe driving in winter.

     3. Perfect Tires

The tires must be in perfect condition and have exactly the right amount of air. This, in addition to the safety benefit, saves fuel. It is more than advisable if you plan to go to an area with snow, take the chains in the trunk (and know how to put them).

    4. Correct lighting

In winter, the hours of sun are reduced and phenomena such as fog are common, so visibility decreases. To see and be seen, it is advisable to drive with low or low beam lights.

   5. Windshield and rear window in perfect condition 

Drivers should check the condition of their glass and for any breakage or cracking, repair or replace the window to prevent frosts from breaking it. It is important to know exactly the insurance policy of the contracted car and the coverage that it includes on this item.

  6. Winter equipment extra 

To the mandatory kit: vest, triangles, and emergency wheel, in winter, it is recommended to add: flashlight, mobile phone charged, water, warm clothes, blanket, first aid kit, and a full tank.

  7. Find out about the weather conditions and the situation of the route to travel.

Information and forecasting are key to safely face a car trip in winter. Consult the information offered by the DGT and always observe its recommendations.

 8. Know the scope of coverage of the car insurance contracted.

In winter, roadside assistance is one of the most requested car insurance services. To drive quietly in winter, it is essential to know that you have the support of fast and unrestricted roadside assistance, always from kilometer 0.

 9.  Reduce speed 

The meteorological phenomena of winter; Ice, wind, snow, and rain, require driving at lower speed and avoiding sudden reactions at the wheel.

10. Choose long gears

Whenever possible, and especially on ice or snow, you should drive with the longest possible car gears, even at the start of the march.

 11. Avoid the brake 

On ice, snow, firm wet or windy to stop or stop the car, the idea is to reduce the gears and decelerate the car until it stops.

 A Rigorous observation of these 10 tips for driving in winter guarantees the driver a quiet, safe and satisfactory winter season at the wheel, with all the necessary resources to face any adversity.

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