3 Ideas for Improving Your Life in Troubled Times

3 Ideas for Improving Your Life in Troubled Times

When the pandemic appeared, we shifted from our comfortable daily existence into a time of uncertainty. Our freedom to be out and about and to enjoy great vacations and time at the beach seemed to vanish nearly instantly. There was no more time with friends enjoying a great meal at a restaurant, and hanging out at the local coffee shop was only a fond memory. These are unprecedented times in our lives and indeed in the existence of humanity. It feels like one day blends into another as we drift through weeks where everything is the same and nothing is going on at all. It’s important, for our sanity and wellbeing, that we come up with a proactive plan that helps us weather this storm and come out of the troubles with new energy in life.

Spend Time in Nature Every Day

A lot of us now work remotely, and find that we are spending our entire lives cocooned in our home. It’s hard spending every hour of every day in the same exact place. People need the excitement of new discoveries and don’t do well with endless mundane days. One of the best things you can do for your health, your immune system and your happiness is to take a walk in nature each day. Find a park or a path in the forest that has few people there and go exploring and breathe in the fresh air. The vitamin D from the sunshine will help and your body will calm as you enjoy the soothing rhythms of nature.

Lower Your Stress Levels by Doing Things Online

Even though we want to get out of the house, it’s really stressful going shopping and doing things when crowds of people are around. Grocery shopping used to be fun and you could take your time and browse for delicious items to include in your next meals. Now it’s masks, endless lines with people six feet apart and one-way store aisles that no one seems to get right. Luckily, it’s easy to simply shop for your groceries online and get them delivered to your door.  You can now take care of so many things over the Internet. For example, if you need to process your medical marijuana card application in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma you can simply go online and easily set up an appointment with a qualified physician. They’ll connect with you quickly and, when approved, issue the patient certification you need. A few minutes later you can fill out the state forms online and your card will soon be on its way.

Stop Looking at the News and Listen to Inspirational Talks or Stories Instead

It’s really important to keep your spirits up during these times. One of the best ways you can do that is to put yourself on a news fast. Yes, it’s good to know what’s going on but the flood of negativity and constant drone of stories that are designed to ping your emotions can really drag you down. When you find yourself about to watch the TV news or read news updates online, interrupt your habit and look for a wonderful story or talk instead. You’ll get great ideas from people across the world that are sharing their wisdom, hope and inspiration for free. It also helps to find some great comedy sketches too. After laughing for twenty minutes you’ll find you are refreshed and happy again.

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