4 of the Best Swiss Watch Brands To Get A Luxury Watch From

4 of the Best Swiss Watch Brands To Get A Luxury Watch From

If you’re looking for Swiss watch brands to get a luxury watch from and could not decide on what companies to choose, then this is the article for you. Swiss watchmaking may have historically been equated to luxury watches, but because the market is so saturated, it can be daunting just to identify the brands to support. 

Make no mistake – every Swiss watch brand in the world is worthy of a second look. But when you only have limited capital to buy luxury watches, it’s imperative to know what brands you should be closely looking at. After all, investing in one brand may cost you thousands of dollars, even adding up to millions, if you really think about it! So here are four of the best Swiss watch brands to consider:

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has been in the watchmaking business for quite some time. It’s one of the few luxury watch companies that’s still family-owned up until today. Patek has a unique position in the game because historically, it’s the first company to helm a wristwatch. The latest collections from the brand are certainly no slouch, with some of the best watches the world has ever seen.

If you’re investing in this brand, there’s no question about it – you should get a self-winding Nautilus. Having one in your wrist instantly gives you this rarefied air, and it doesn’t hurt that the Nautilus is a favorite among celebrities and athletes nowadays. The Grand Complications line is also a great choice for dressier occasions, one that you can depend on to be worn in most situations.


The watch company that has a crown for a logo still reigns supreme when it comes to luxury watches. Rolex is the definition of luxury watches. Bar none. Everyone knows that when you’re rocking a Rolex, you are someone. What most people don’t know is that the watches from Rolex are actually not as expensive as the ones from other brands on this list.

A brand new Submariner will cost you about $7,000-$20,000. While that’s a lot of money, most watches from Patek as well as IWC start at about $20,000. So you’re not only paying for prestige and quality when you’re buying Rolex, but you’re also buying a piece that will probably last you a century. Look for models from GMT-Master II, Cosmograph Daytona, and Submariner if you want the best of the bests from this brand.


Not many people relate luxury watches to Omega, but the Swiss watchmaking stalwart has been chronically undervalued and underrated for as long as we could remember. This is the company with the only NASA flight-certified watch. It’s also only the company that goes above and beyond other manufacturers to certify their watches. 

The Speedmaster collection is a classic when we talk about the brand. You can’t support Omega without getting one. The Seamaster 300m is as iconic as James Bond himself, so you may want to check that collection as well. Finally, the Constellation collection is such a looker that you should get one just for aesthetics alone. Because, why not, yeah?


IWC, or the International Watch Company, is not a name you toss around in the horological community. It’s a Swiss watchmaker revered the world over, not just for creating iconic timepieces, but because of constantly pushing the boundaries of how watches should be made. 

Granted, investing in the brand will surely put a dent to your stash of money, but trust us when we say that getting top of the line Portofino and an Ingenieur should be enough to make every enthusiast envy you. These are great watches to wear for the rest of your days – and if your children are lucky, they can even have the chance to wear it when you’re long gone.


Getting a single watch from each of these brands will certainly boost up your collection – not only horologically but also in intrinsic value. Every brand listed above holds a unique kind of history, which it embeds to its watches. Suffice it to say, if you’re able to get at least two timepieces from these brands – dare we say that you are set in the watch department forever.

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