How to choose a good animation video company and what to look for first.

How to choose a good animation video company and what to look for first.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Game Animation and Graphics Company

No one can underestimate the power of video animation services. A huge range of directions that they cover allows you to use lively and juicy animation for an abyss of opportunities: creating a game, promoting a product or service, strengthening the brand image and much more. But how to navigate the flooded market of companies, each of which boastfully claims to be the best of its kind?

We will focus on game animation as one of the most modern and high-tech motion graphics directions. So, the subject of our search is a certain game design studio, politely inviting us to outsource animation services and promising amazing results. Let’s figure out what to pay attention to before making the final choice.

Decide on your Budget

Strange enough, but many frivolously skip this step and return to it when the selected animation video company suddenly disconcerts the negligent customer with the need to pay for its services. Moreover, their price is likely going to burn a hole in the pocket of the customer. The reason is that no one thought about their budget in advance. And this is the number one issue to consider.

Animation services prices should not break the bank. Therefore, immediately decide on the upper thresholds of your budget and be sure to discuss it with the selected animation design company. Remember that high prices are not always an indicator of quality, but too low ones are also unlikely to be a guarantee of good work. Continue reading the article in order not to make the wrong choice: further tips will help you.

Pay Attention to Portfolio

The peculiar showcase of each animation services studio, the portfolio of works speaks much more eloquently than any person. Each self-respecting art company nourishes and cherishes a list of the best works demonstrating its expertise and style.

Previous animation projects give you an idea of ​​how animators work, which direction is more familiar or priority for them, and whether their approach to work is suitable for your goals and tasks. In addition to the publicly available portfolio on the site, some companies offer presentations of their work in specific art areas, which are sent to a potential client upon request. So, if you are interested in a particular animation outsourcing studio, do not hesitate to learn more about its previous projects.

Learn Customer Reviews

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Each studio will say that its animation video services are the best and truly unique in comparison with the rest. However, all descriptions, starting from an individual approach and ending with the mention of the number of years on the market, can either be confirmed or shattered by the incontrovertible argumentation of feedback from previous customers. With their help, you will be able to understand not only the nuances of cooperation with the selected studio, but also to see with what famous gaming companies your potential partner worked. Everyone knows that people do not believe advertising, but they believe reviews.

There is nothing easier than viewing the section of testimonials on the website of any studio providing motion graphics services: usually, they are publicly available. If you could not find them, this is the first wake-up call. Try to get information on the social networks of the company. If it hides or moderate reviews, then you should not trust it.

Seek Team Information

The experience of animators and artists will never be a subject of concealment if the company really has something to be proud of. On the contrary, in the case of successful projects, websites will be full of information about the number of senior experts who have been working for many years for the benefit of customers.

It’s very good if you can find on the website information about the composition of the animation team. In this case, you can understand how well the responsibilities are distributed and which specialist is responsible for a particular stage of work. Also, the presence of such information means that the studio, to which you are going to outsource animation projects, has organized and structured well all the project management processes and you certainly will not encounter non-compliance with deadlines, red tape and misunderstanding.

Check Adaptation Readiness

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This phrase sounds rather vague, but it is extremely important for further cooperation. Animation studio services should not go against the specifics of your brand. Therefore, before deciding on a partner, you need to understand whether the team is ready to adapt to the peculiarities of your style and follow all the nuances of your idea, or experts prefer a classic rigid work scheme that does not imply much flexibility.

The studio’s readiness to adapt to your needs largely depends on the principles of its work and the qualifications of the specialists working there. The need to coordinate the main aspects of cooperation is especially important if you are planning a fundamentally new project that has virtually no analogues on the market. This means that the team will not have examples and templates that it will be able to focus on. And you definitely need to discuss whether you outsource animation services to a company that is ready for such challenges.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look for when choosing a company that provides animation production services. These points are quite enough to form a strong opinion about the future partner and make the right decision. Have fruitful cooperation and successful projects!

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