10 Essentials that You Should Follow Before, During and After Your Facebook Live

10 Essentials that You Should Follow Before, During and After Your Facebook Live

With Facebook live being free and becoming effective as a tool for digital marketing, it is not a surprise that it is growing in popularity. Are you planning to go live on Facebook? It is a wise decision as it connects you better with your audience and drives more traffic to your brand. It is one of the best platforms for real-time interaction but you should know a few essentials that you need to follow if you want it to be really effective.

Top essentials to follow before going live

1. Notify in advance 

Make sure you notify in advance about your live session. Post teaser posts and messages not only on Facebook but also on other networks like Instagram and Twitter etc. Send emails and newsletters too. The messages and teasers should be cleverly designed and worded to create anticipation. You should also ask your viewers to follow notifications on your live sessions. This will let them know whenever you go live.

2. Make plans for the video

You should plan your objectives in advance. Then, create your video based on the objective. Take enough time to prepare your video. If you are not experienced in creating live videos you can make use of YouTube editors and video makers like InVideo’s Facebook video making tools. 

3. Decide what you want to speak

Prepare a list of what you are planning to speak. Are you planning to have a co-host? If so, have a lengthy discussion on the points to be covered. The points to be included should be clear and structured. If your viewers are a little late for the live session, you should be ready for a pre-show too. Utilize that time to interact with your audience so as to give the session a personal touch.

4. Write unique and interesting descriptions

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You should write a description that will intrigue the audience and capture their attention. 

5. Decide the time and format of the broadcast

Analyze the time when most of your friends, followers, and probable viewers are online. Is it morning or afternoon or evening or night? Find the best time when most of them are online. You have the option of broadcasting vertically or horizontally. Decide which one will suit you. However, horizontal videos are a better choice since they look better. 

  • Select the rig6. Make sure you have fast internet, the right equipment and good lightinght spot where you have strong connectivity and the internet speed is fast.
  • Check your internet and your equipment including your microphones and tripod. 
  • You should also give importance to what you are wearing. You should avoid bright colours like orange, yellow, and red as these colours will cause reflections. Go for pastel colours. 
  • The spot you choose should be well-lit to avoid shadow images. Facing a window is a good option for morning sessions as you get natural light. In the evenings you can add a few more lights if needed.

Top essentials to follow during Facebook live

7. Keep your audience engaged

  • The best way to keep your audience engaged is to make the session interactive. It may not be the easiest task during live sessions but answering questions and responding to comments will make the audience feel involved. That will make them watch until the end. 
  • A few may have joined late. If you want them to stay, you should go for recaps at regular intervals. 
  • Get personal. Welcome everyone personally by saying ‘hi’ to everyone calling them by their names. This will make them feel that they are an important part of the ‘live’ session. 
  • Keep smiling and be energetic. Your audience will simply log out if you are speaking in a monotonous tone. 

8. Make your session longer and more interesting

  • Use surprise elements. Invite a guest. You can arrange for interviews with experts in the field. This will grab the attention of the audience. 
  • Let the session be inspirational and crisp with some light funny moments. Don’t feel embarrassed when you commit small mistakes. You can make fun of your mistakes. This will add personality to your video. 
  • You have the option of using a pre-recorded video on Facebook live. They help you to keep the live session interesting. You can use video making tools like InVideo to make your pre-recorded videos. 

Top essentials to follow after Facebook Live 

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9. Analyze the results

Facebook gives you data like how many people viewed your video, how many comments were received, how many people were reached, how many unique viewers were there, how many shares were made, and the average percentage of completion. Analyze all the data to find how successful your live session was. 

10. Start planning for the next one

The data will give you an idea of where you can make improvements and make it better. Start planning for the next live video. 

Following these essentials will ensure that you are on the right path garnering an image for yourself and engaging with your target audience on Facebook Live.

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