Birthday Party Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Birthday Party Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Birthday parties are not just for kids, as many adults still throw parties to celebrate another year of their life. No matter how simple or elaborate the party is, one of the things to consider is the party favours to give. If you are planning your birthday party and you are looking for party favour ideas, you came to the right place because we listed some amazing choices that will be easy to put together and your guests will love.

Sweets in a jar

Who doesn’t love a little sweet? There are cheap but cute mason jars that you can buy, which you can fill with candies or chocolates. Different colours of candies are fun on the eyes, while chocolates feel more intimate. It’s up to you which one you would like to achieve or prefer to give. Tie the jar with a pretty ribbon and your favours are good to go. This idea is quick to do, inexpensive, but it will still give you a classy and eye-catching result. 

Baked goodies

If you are into baking, why not make use of your skills and share something with your guests? Bake your signature items like brownies, cupcakes, or cookies. Find nice-looking boxes or containers where you can put them. Add a note thanking them for joining your party and you have yourself a favour that you personally made. It’s special and more personal because you are sharing something that is close to you and something that took effort and time for you to do. 

Souvenir from a class

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To make your birthday party engaging, book a class that you and your guests can participate in like an art class. Your guests can unleash their creativity, express themselves, and who knows, discover their passion for art through it. Their finished artwork can be their favours or you can also have something that will serve as a souvenir or reminder of the activity. For example, Nude Life offers art classes for birthday parties. They have shirts that have their company name printed that will be perfect reminders of the experience. You can select and send nudes t shirt options as party favours to your guests.

Small plants

Whether you prefer succulents or herbs, you can place them in a small pot so your guests can conveniently take them home. They can also put these plants in their office. It’s not just a reminder of your fabulous birthday party but they can also benefit from these greens. Plants are known to help relax the mind and also help in purifying the air, thus preventing sickness. 

Flower seeds

Put flower seeds in a nice pouch and you have yourself a birthday party favour. Guests can plant them in their gardens, and once they bloom, they will be a constant reminder of your enjoyable party. Plus, it can also help improve the kerb appeal of their homes. 

Make sure that your party favour doesn’t just satisfy your guests, but also falls within your budget, and it’s something that you can achieve within the time that you have.

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