Breeds of Cow – The Best Ones for Milk and Meat Around the World

Breeds of Cow – The Best Ones for Milk and Meat Around the World

Cows have always been one of the best and most versatile animals to raise. Besides, they are also one of the most useful breeds of animals in the world. Two of the most important uses of cows are of course meat and milk. So, some people want to keep cows so that they can raise their beef, and otherwise, they are a part of a dairy farm. Therefore, you may want to know about the best breeds of cow irrespective of which category you belong to. It will later help you to decide what type of cow you want to purchase to solve your purpose.

In this article, we have tried to solve your confusion by curating a list of the best cows that you can raise for the produce. You can now browse through the below list till you find the perfect match that you are looking for.

Best breeds of cow for your homestead

Here is the list you were waiting for. It consists of the names of all the best cows that are found in places all over the world.


One of the most versatile breeds of cow, Angus is mostly found in farms of the USA, especially the North Carolina region. More than the dairy products, these cows are famous for the quality of beef you can derive. Also, the people in this part of the USA mostly prefer to raise their beef rather than getting it from the stores around. It is because the meat is fresh and the family can be sure about the quality too. Besides, it is always better to raise your beef if you have a big family. In that way, you can get the best cuts of the meat and not shell out a huge amount to purchase them. The Angus cow looks huge and is usually in black and dark brown. Plus, they are one of the low maintenance breeds of cow that you will ever find.

Holstein Friesian

Let us look at something different than the Angus cows. Yes, we are talking about the Holstein Friesian which is also one of the most good-looking breeds of cow. Well, the Holstein Friesian variety is a great choice if you want to raise the animal for its milk. The dairy products that come out from the milk of a Holstein are considered the best. For example, if you can get butter or cheese from the milk of a Holstein cow, you will get to know the difference between the quality of this one against the rest. Moreover, the look of the cow is the one you get to see in most of the commercials of dairy products and books. So, it is like whenever you think of a cow it is the Holstein Friesian with the white body and black spots.


Another among the best breeds of cow that yields high-quality beef is the Hereford. Now, this breed is not very difficult to find because it is popular in a lot of countries around the world. Moreover, this breed of cow is used as the best source of beef in more than fifty big countries. The best part is that the Hereford breed of cows can survive in almost any type of climate. It is also the reason for the popularity of this breed. Therefore, several people purchase a Hereford to raise it at their farms.


The Shorthorn is one of the most versatile breeds of cow that you will find on this list. Why we say this is because the Shorthorn variety of cow serves a dual purpose. Yes, you heard it right because by raising a Shorthorn means you get both beef and dairy. However, according to a few cattle experts, not every bloodline can survive properly in a particular area. So, it is better if you purchase either the meat-producing variety or the dairy one. It will mainly depend on what your main purpose of raising a cow is.

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The Charolais is one of the very popular cross breed cows that is mostly found and developed mainly in France. It is crossbred with another variety of cow that we have already mentioned in the list- Angus. If your main requirement is not dairy but beef products, then the Charolais is one of the best varieties. The look of this cow is a little different since it is a crossbreed, and these are mostly found in white. Apart from top-quality beef, people raise it for the hide as well. So, if you are interested in making leather from a cow, then the Charolais is a perfect choice.


One of the most exotic breeds of cow, the Galloway variety is named after the Galloway region of Scotland. So, you can very well understand that this breed was originally found in Scotland. Later, people started importing it to other parts of the world. The look of a Galloway cow is unique. It is usually a dark black or brown and covered with a dense layer of fur. One of the more popular breeds of cow, this one is mostly known as a beef breed and not a dairy one.


The Simmental is originally a Swiss breed and also one of the oldest amongst all categories of cows. Despite being a Swiss breed, it was raised in the USA since the beginning of the 19th century. In most of the countries where you will find this cow, they use it for its rich quality milk and dairy products. However, the mother country the USA uses the Simmental breeds of cow for its fantastic quality beef. A Simmental cow is huge and also grows comparatively faster than other breeds. It is usually brown with white or light-pink spots sometimes. They mostly like to feed on lush grass and survive better in a moderately colder climate.


Also known as the super breed of cows, the Brahman is also one of the oldest varieties of the animal found around the world. Brahman cows can survive in almost all types of climate. Besides, their immune systems are very strong too. you will be surprised to know that these exotic breeds of cow can fight against pretty much all types of parasites, pests, and diseases. On the other hand, the same types of microorganisms can prove to be fatal for other categories of cows.

The Brahman cow has large horns and a hump too in which it stores water to keep itself cool. That is one major reason that helps them survive with minimum food and in harsh climatic conditions. You may have seen a Brahman cow in old storybooks and it looks like it is cross-bred with an ox. However, these are not true but since a cow and ox belong to the same family of animals, such assumptions may happen.


If you are in search of an old breed of cow, then the Limousin may be a perfect choice that you would never regret. It is a French breed and the mention of it has been found in several ancient pictures. According to eminent historians who have studied the ancient history of France, the cattle breed that was mostly found at that time matches the Limousin cow exactly. However, over the years, the Limousin has been bred in several parts of the world. It is a great choice as work animals and the beef you get from a Limousin is top-quality.

Scottish Highland

As the name suggests, this particular breed originates from the highlands of Scotland and is amazing in every way. From the very beginning, the Scottish Highland cows have strong immunity. It can often resist itself from getting affected by microorganisms and diseases, unlike several other cows. Presently, you will bee able to find the Scottish Highland breed in several parts of the world. However, it is important to mention that this variety survives mostly in colder climatic conditions.

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The major reason for this restriction is its yak-like appearance with a dense fur coat and layers of fat. All these help to keep it warm which also makes it difficult for it to live in a hotter climate. However, nowadays, you can also find a Scottish Highland cow in the Southern climatic conditions. The best part is that this type of cow is not at all choosy about what it eats. So, you can easily put it on pasture and it will not disappoint you. However, most of the other types of cows are usually picky about their food habits.

Brown Swiss

Following a Holstein cow closely in the list of the best dairy-producing cows, the Brown Swiss is a great choice too. A Brown Swiss cow does not look very exotic but is a great choice irrespective of which part of the world you live in. It is because the cow can survive even in hotter climatic conditions. Moreover, it is comparatively low maintenance when it comes to the choice of food and living conditions. It is a major reason why a Brown Swiss is so popular everywhere. You are always at a win-win situation when it comes to this breed of cow. On the one hand, you are spending less on the maintenance, and on the other the product is huge. Not only is the produce massive, but the quality of milk is fantastic too.

Texas Longhorn

In case you are in search of a cow that yields lean beef, then the Texas Longhorn is the ideal choice for you. As the name suggests, this variety of cows has some of the longest pairs of horns. You will be surprised to know that this breed did not have such longhorns from the beginning. It is a result of several years in this region and the way they have to adapt to the surroundings. Another fact that is worth mentioning is that this breed is not very popular for quality milk. So, you should understand your priority before buying a Texas Longhorn.


An excellent beef cow, the Brangus is one of the most expensive cross breed cows in the world. The interesting name also has quite some significance. The name Brangus comes from the combination of two other names. These are the Brahman and the Angus. So, it becomes clear that the Brangus is the crossbreed of Brahman and Angus cows. Now that you already know about the distinct qualities of both the Angus and the Brahman cows, it will be easier for you. So, if you are fascinated by the qualities of both the above-mentioned cows, you can get home a Brangus. It will yield you the best quality of milk, but also beef and hide. Plus, the immunity will be strong and it will be able to combat diseases better.


A Jersey cow is one of the most popular breeds that you find on this list. Whenever you talk to cattle farmers or people who know about animals, a mention of a Jersey cow is inevitable. It is also easily available in most parts of the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its size. Yes, it is comparatively small and is thus suitable for any farmstead. Also, the fat content in Jersey’s milk is more than most of the other cow breeds. It is yet another reason why a Jersey cow has become a common favorite of people.


One of the largest breeds of cow, the Chianina is originally an Italian variety. However, you will now find a Chianina cow in several parts of the world too. It is mostly used as a beef cow around the world. Apart from beef, it is also a good option for a work animal mainly because of its huge size.

Final thoughts:

Here is therefore a list of a few of the best breeds of cow that you will find anywhere in the world. The suggestions will help you to make a decision when you want to buy a cow.

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