Cultural History of Marijuana

Cultural History of Marijuana

It’s difficult to pinpoint when and where exactly the marijuana plant originated. Some people say cannabis originated in central Asia. Because of the extensive agricultural and medical documentation of cannabis in the Chines literature, some people believe it originated in China. Over the last decade, the literature concerning marijuana has grown very fast. Nevertheless, the exact origin of marijuana has not been established yet and its diffusion routines remain obscure.

Most reports date the origin of marijuana back to 2727 B.C during the era of Shen Nung, a Chinese Emperor. By 500 B.C., marijuana use in Asia was very common. Its use was widely spread in different cultures including Muslims, Indians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Persians. Unlike today when almost everybody wants to smoke or use the best vaporizer (read for more info) to consume marijuana, people used it differently during ancient times.

The early uses of marijuana were mainly medical. Some of the conditions that were treated using marijuana include malaria, inflammation, depression, gout, and nausea. It was also used to suppress sexual desires and as an anesthetic. An Irish doctor, Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, found that marijuana extracts helped in lessening vomiting and stomach pain in cholera patients. Consequently, marijuana extracts were readily available in doctors’ offices and pharmacies in the United States and Europe as a treatment for stomach problems.

Historical evidence shows that THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, was used for religious ceremonies or rituals in some cultures. It’s possible that the Spanish brought marijuana to North America in the late 1500s. The plant was also cultivated by the early United States colonies and used for different applications. For instance, marijuana fibers were used to make products like ropes and papers.

Marijuana’s Timeline

For more than a thousand years, people from different cultures have used marijuana both medicinally and recreationally. Though the use of the best portable vaporizer and other vaping gadgets has popularized the plant in recent times, it’s been used for thousands of years.

The early colonists in the U.S grew cannabis for textile uses. As of 1600, farmers in the U.S colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia were cultivating the plant. Some people have even suggested that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their farms.

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Marijuana has been used even during difficult times like World War II. For instance, the United State encouraged farmers to cultivate more cannabis. This can be seen from the production of the Hemp for Victory movie in 1942. This movie shows the history of marijuana, how it is grown, and processed into the products used during the war such as cloth, rope, and cordage.

In Japan, hemp fiber was used in the production of military equipment. Thus, it was considered an important material during the way. Its psychological effects were used during the war. Cannabis was used as a truth serum whose relaxing effect could distract prisoners to give useful information. Thus, marijuana was widely used during World War II. These historical instances of marijuana use are some of the reasons why a person may start using the best herb vaporizer to consume marijuana.

But, there has been a tumultuous turn in the history and legality of the plant over recent centuries. From the prohibition of the plant in the early 1930s to slow legalization in some parts of the United States, marijuana has always been a controversial topic. Nevertheless, the future of marijuana as a new market seems promising.

More states are legalizing marijuana and people are turning to new ways of consuming it like using a weed vaporizer instead of smoking. Research is also being done on the safeness of the new ways of consuming marijuana like vaping in comparison to smoking it. Scientists are also conducting more research to find out more about the ability of the extract from the plant to treat different conditions including cancer. All these activities are creating more awareness of the plant and its uses across the world.

Racial Undertones

In the 19th century, the term “cannabis” was used almost exclusively to refer to this plant. But, anti-Mexican sentiments started rising towards the beginning of the 20th century. As such, the word switched to “marijuana”, thereby drawing attention to the use of the drug by the Mexicans. This gave the plant a negative connotation.

Common theories regarding the racial undertones of cannabis stigma circulated the world associating the use of this plant with homicidal tendencies. These were brought on by the Mexican cannabis, “locoweed”. The rising stigma and racial tensions meted against the people of color also led to the regulation of marijuana by the federal government.

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In 1936, the Reefer Madness film was released fueling parental concerns over the use of marijuana. This spread the fear that American youths faced devious cannabis dealers that wanted to corrupt them, leading to sex and crime problems. In 1997, the Atlantic featured an article titled More Reefer Madness where it explained possible racial origins of marijuana’s prohibition.

Eventually, culture became more educated on the actual effects of marijuana. However, the culture that surrounded marijuana and the Reefer Madness film had permeated deeper into the society and portrayed the plant as a drug use gateway. This stereotype exists even today. Nevertheless, some people are breaking this stereotype by vaping openly while others are using the best vaporizer for a dry herb to consume marijuana.

Legalization of Marijuana

In 2012, Vermont and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes. Proposition 64 made possession and business sale of marijuana by adults legal. This was followed by several states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana including Washington D.C.

By 2018, 30 states and Washington D.C had legalized marijuana. These include Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, and Louisiana. It’s easy to spot a person with the best vaporizer for weed in these states.

The first marijuana IPO was on 19th July 2018 in the U.S. That’s when Tilray, a Canadian company started trading on the Nasdaq at $23. Since then, the company’s shares have been going up hitting as high as $300 in trading sessions.

The Future

You’ve probably spotted somebody using the best portable vaporizer in recent times. More young adults are using or vaping marijuana. Scientists are also conducting more research on the plant. Several states and countries have already legalized marijuana. And, federal legalization might not be too far. All these activities will probably lead to the widespread use of marijuana in different cultures.

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