Do Biotin Shampoos Really Work?

Do Biotin Shampoos Really Work?

Millions of people around the world deal with damaged and thinning hair, especially as they get older. According to research, around 40% of women over the age of forty will suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. Hair loss is more common than you might think. Lots of different factors can be responsible for losing hair. Some of the main reasons for hair loss include stress, poor diet, excess hair treatments, and general aging. 

For people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss, there seem to be loads of different products out there, all claiming to help. Many of them make outlandish claims on how effective they are, and some even claim that they can completely reverse hair loss. Unfortunately, a lot of these claims end up being untrue, which makes it hard to find products that really work. 

Biotin shampoos are one such product that have recently come into the spotlight. These products are often advertised as helping to prevent hair loss, maintaining healthy hair, and improving the scalp. We took a closer look at Biotin shampoo and conditioner and whether it can really work for people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. 

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin, sometimes known as vitamin H or B7. B vitamins, in general, help the body to metabolize fats and proteins. That means it helps to break the fats and proteins down and turn them into energy and useful products. 

Because of its role in helping to produce keratin, a deficiency of Biotin can lead to weakened nails and hair. Keratin is the protein that forms hair, skin, and nail cells in the body. While Biotin deficiencies are rare, it can lead to hair loss, rough skin, and muscle weakness. Genetics, a specific medication, or eating certain foods can all lead to Biotin deficiencies. Eating raw eggs can cause less Biotin to be absorbed into the body, for example.

You can find Biotin in foods such as cauliflower, avocado, cooked eggs, salmon, and oysters. Generally, most adults get enough Biotin from their food provided they have a healthy diet. There are some claims, however, that supplementing with extra Biotin can help improve the health of your skin and hair. 

Can Biotin Shampoos Improve Hair Health?

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Because Biotin is essential in the maintenance of keratin in your body, it can help to regulate the health of your hair. Although a Biotin deficiency is rare, those suffering from hair loss might find that it’s as a result of a lack of Biotin in the diet. Around 38% of women suffering from hair loss were found to be deficient in Biotin in a study.

Biotin deficiencies are usually solved by correcting the diet. However, Biotin shampoo has the potential to also be effective. The shampoo can be topically applied to the scalp. There is evidence to suggest that Biotin can absorb through the scalp when applied through the use of a conditioner or shampoo. 

Lots of hair loss treatment products make bold claims about how effective they are. The results of Biotin shampoo can at least be proven by science. A fairly recent study gave thirty women a placebo and thirty more a Biotin shampoo treatment. After ninety days, the ones using the Biotin shampoo had noticeably improved hair growth, and their hair appeared to be healthier. 

Most Biotin shampoos contain several other active ingredients. These can also provide essential nutrients to your hair. A lot of shampoos include things like saw palmetto and other natural plant extracts that help to hydrate and repair your scalp. These ingredients all work together to improve hair health and, as seen in studies, can also reverse some hair loss.

Anecdotally, there are plenty of people out there who have used Biotin shampoos and have achieved great results. Many people swear by Biotin shampoos. While it’s certainly not a miracle cure, the evidence seems to suggest that it can help. 

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