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matter what it takes, no matter what it costs.”

We see the Xindi ships enter the vortex but we don’t see Enterprise.

In the Armory, Reed asks Major Hayes: “Have you assembled your boarding party?” Hayes replies: “Ready to deploy on your command.” Reed says he would have liked to lead it. Hayes tells him: “Your place is on the Bridge sir.” Reed replies: “No offense Major. It’s just that Ensign Sato is a friend.” He gives Hayes the “report on Corporal Hawkins.” Reed asks if he blames him for Hawkins’ death. Hayes tells him: “I can’t help but think that if I’d been there things might have turned out differently.” Reed tells him things happened very quickly and that even if Hawkins was a MACO, he was his “responsibility.” Hayes nods. He tells Reed that the MACOs now feel that they are part of the crew and not to “worry about Ensign Sato”; that they’ll “bring her home.”

Archer, T’Pol and Trip are having dinner. Archer gives Porthos a bite. The three chat about food. Archer says he’ll be glad to return to his original mission. Trip hopes they’ll stop by Earth. He’s promised his Engineering crew that he’ll buy them all a drink at the 602 club. He asks T’Pol what she’s going to do. She thinks he’s asking about the drink and says: “You may buy me a drink if you wish.” Trip laughs and tells her he meant what is she going to do after their mission is over. She tells him she is “considering joining Starfleet.” Archer tells her he will get her out of “basic training.” Trip wants to see Ambassador Soval’s face when he sees her in a Starfleet uniform. He asks her to please let him be there when it happens. Reed calls Archer to tell him they’re “approaching the coordinates.” Archer orders “tactical alert.”

Inside the weapon, they’re almost ready to launch. Dolim is on his ship. He is pleased and is on his way to his thermal chamber when an alarm goes off. His officer tells him: “A vortex is opening.” They are not expecting reinforcements. Eighteen ships appear and six Aquatic ships make their way towards the weapon. The Reptilians have a squadron guarding it. Dolim tells them to stay there and orders his other ships to intercept.

On the Enterprise, Reed tells Archer: “They’re moving to intercept, but they’re keeping a substantial force around the weapon.” Archer calls the Aquatics and tells them: “Cut us loose.” Enterprise emerges from inside the Aquatic ship. A space battle ensues.

The Primate on Degra’s ship orders that all ships “concentrate their fire on the weapon.”

The Reptilians inside the weapon are still arming it.

Dolim orders his ships to “target the Earth vessel.” His officer tells him they can’t as the “Aquatics are protecting them.”

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