“Proving Ground”
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Down in the Armory, Reed informs Archer of the damage to their weapons. The targeting sensors are down; the hull-plating as well; the phase-cannons have no power and that it was lucky that the torpedoes were in safe mode since if they could have exploded otherwise. Archer tells Reed that Shran has offered to send his tactical officer to help. Reed objects to giving the Andorians “access to critical systems.” Archer agrees but maintains that they need to get things ready for their encounter with the Xindi as quickly as possible.

T’Pol and Archer are walking down a corridor and talking. She tells Archer that she thinks a “security detail should be assigned to each repair crew.” Archer disagrees and she tells him she bases her opinions on her experience with the Andorians and says: “Considering the importance of this mission, I feel compelled to point out that they’ve proven untrustworthy in the past.” He replies that based on *his* experience, he trusts Shran.

In the mess hall, Reed and Tucker discuss the state of the ship. The Andorian Lieutenant, Talas, shows up and asks why Reed isn’t in the Armory. and why he’s in the mess hall relaxing. Insulted, he tells her: “I haven’t left the armory for so much as a bathroom break for nearly 12 hours.” She tells him she is there to help. Reed snidely remarks: “I’ll see if I can find something for you to do.” Trip leaves them to get acquainted.

In the captain’s quarters, Shran and Archer are having dinner. Shran offers Archer a drink of Andorian ale. Shran tells Archer he volunteered for the mission as he’s had the most contact with humans and that Archer helped in averting a war. Archer remarks: “We keep doing each other favors.” Shran replies: “Isn’t that how alliances are born?”

Back in Engineering, T’Pol goes to speak to Trip. He asks if she’s been avoiding him. She tells him that three neuro-pressure sessions a week is hardly avoiding him. She asks how the repairs are going. He tells her they should have warp in about 12 hours thanks to the Andorians.

In the Armory, Reed and Talas are *working* together. Talas realizes that he doesn’t want her there and decides to leave. She tells Reed that: “I’m not here to steal your secrets.” She tells him the ship’s weapons are inferior. Reed is offended but she tells him to be careful with what he is doing. She goes to leave and he calls her back. He apologizes and they decide to work together.

Captain’s Starlog, December 6, 2153: “With some assistance from the Andorians, we’ve managed to steer clear of anomalies.”

With Shran on the Bridge, T’Pol tells Archer that they are 200 million kilometers from the signal. They can’t scan for bio-signs at that distance so Shran offers his help. The Andorian sensors are more sophisticated. They see four Xindi vessels. It looks like the system has been attacked. Archer suggests that they’ve been testing the weapon. He agrees with Shran

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