“Proving Ground”
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about the weapons. He gladly tells the captain that the “torpedoes are back online and thanks to Lt. Talas we should have phase-cannons within the hour.” Reed and Talas compliment each other. Archer accepts Shran’s offer. Shran tells Archer he will return to his ship. Archer wants to go with him. Shran objects to Archer being in charge but acquiesces and let’s him come.

On the Andorian ship, Shran has contacted Andoria and is speaking with a General. The Andorian leader is pleased with the scans of the weapon that were sent to him. Shran questions his mission. He thinks it would be wise to keep the humans as allies. The General replies that they won’t need allies if they get the weapon.

In the Armory, Talas is accessing the sensors and Reed asks her why. She replies that with all the repairs they’ve done that they should be checked. Reed accepts her story.

Meanwhile, on the Xindi ship, they discover that the Enterprise is approaching. Degra orders that the escort ships intercept. T’Pol calls Archer to tell him that “the two Reptilian ships are moving towards us. The other vessels are holding position.” Archer tells her to “try to keep them busy.” The Andorian ship moves in to get the weapon. Degra orders the intercept ships back. Enterprise follows and continues to attack the ships. Using a tractor beam, the Kumari gets the weapon. They escape the system and the intercept ships can’t follow as Enterprise has disabled their engines. Archer tells Talas to contact T’Pol and tell her to meet them at the rendezvous point. Shran orders that a course be set for Andoria at maximum warp. Archer asks what he is doing. Shran tells him they need the weapon to prevent the Vulcans from invading Andoria. Archer tells him that the Enterprise will follow. Shran tells Archer that Talas disrupted the sensor array before leaving so that they couldn’t find them. Archer punches Shran in the nose. Shran orders the captain be taken to an escape pod.

Enterprise finds Archer. In the corridor heading back to the Bridge, Archer, T’Pol and Reed assess the situation. Reed has sensors back online. He suspected Talas all along. They will intercept the Kumari in 14 minutes.

Back on the Andorian ship, Shran is speaking with the General. He tells him that they’ve begun examining the weapon. The General is pleased and tells Shran he will receive a commendation for his work. Shran doesn’t want it. Talas calls Shran to tell him that “Enterprise is approaching.” He goes to the Bridge. Archer contacts Shran. The Commander tells Archer he doesn’t think he can take the weapon from them. Archer says no but that he will detonate it as they have the activation codes if Shran doesn’t give it to him. Shran doesn’t believe him but he is forced to eject it out into space where it explodes as Archer ordered it activated. The Andorian ship is damaged. Archer offers to help.

Captain’s Starlog, supplemental: “Commander Shran graciously declined our offer of help. The last we saw of them they were limping away on auxiliary power.

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