“Proving Ground”
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just scrumptious. Ok, I may be a little biased there. We do get to see Hoshi and Travis thistime as well which is nice.

I said before that there isn’t anything to fault in this episode, well, there is one thing. They have a redundant memory core. What the heck is that? Why don’t they have a back-up system? Needless to say this is trivial in some ways and not in others. Still, the episode was so entertaining that it really didn’t matter one bit in the end.

Another thing I noticed was that T’Pol’s eyebrows seem more Vulcan to me. Am I imagining things? Regardless she is as beautiful as ever. And that Andorian makeup is awesome as well as the Xindi makeup. I’ve said this before in a previous review but I can’t help but marvel at how they manage to match the feelings of the Andorians with the movement of the antennae. I wish that could have given us a hint as to which of the Andorians sent the message to Enterprise at the end. I think it most likely Shran if only because he was so reluctant to betray Archer. Also he is always wanting to pay back his debts to people. I’d like to think it was Talas but she seemed much too professional a soldier to do such a thing. Her duty would come first I think. Besides, she did sabotage the sensor array as she was ordered.

Speaking of Talas, I liked the actress (Molly Brink) and the character. I hope we see her again and I hope we see the Andorians again. They added a great deal to the storyline. It’s too bad they are returning home. It would have been cool to see them interact together with the Enterprise crew as they continue the pursuit of the Xindi and the weapon.

Now that the weapon has been rendered useless for the present, will the Xindi continue with the bio-weapon? They still have the scans that Rajiin took. They may not need to have all the blood types for another bio-weapon. Will they figure out that Gralik from “The Shipment” was responsible for the super-weapon not working properly and overloading? How do they feel now that they think the humans have help in the form of the Andorians? Will they now go after the Enterprise to destroy it? How does T’Pol feel about the Vulcans now that Shran rubbed her nose in it concerning their not helping out with the Xindi? How does Archer feel?

I love the fact that this is an arc and that there are recurring characters and recurring villains. It makes for a much deeper storyline and for more complex stories and characters. It reminds me of DS9 and that is a very good thing in my opinion. Continuity within the series continues to be good. Gralik from “The Shipment” is mentioned and we see that he indeed kept his word to sabotage the weapon.

The Xindi arc is getting more and more interesting. The series is starting to come into its own. I truly hope that the rumors about Enterprise getting axed are false. This show like all the other Trek series has taken some time to get going but it is on its way to becoming quite good. It would be a real shame if they cancel it. If they do do something with it, I’d like to see the show syndicated where it could get more exposure and the higher ratings it deserves.

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