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and facial expressions. I also liked the scene with Corporal Cole and T’Pol. T’Pol *accidentally* pushing too hard was just so deliciously catty of her.The third and more serious plot revolves around Archer, Phlox and the alien. This was somewhat less interesting and more typically sci-fi-like. Still, I like how it added yet another dimension to the Xindi storyline. What species does this alien belong to? Was he really from a trans-dimensional realm or was he really a Temporal Cold War time-traveller from yet another faction? Are his people the ones who told the Xindi that humans were a threat? That last line was certainly cryptic: “When the Xindi destroy Earth, my people will prevail.”If there’s one thing all the stories had in common is that we got a lot of passion be it sexual or in terms of anger. It was refreshing to see so much emotion. Livingston did a great job with all the actors here and kept a great pace throughout the episode. Velton Ray Bunch’s score was also noteworthy. I also want to mention “Steven Culp”, Major Hayes. I like the character and the actor and I hope he becomes more of a regular as time goes by.I enjoyed this episode mostly because of the humor however. There were genuine laugh out loud moments here from Reed and Hayes not knowing whether they were dismissed and their eye movements to T’Pol’s cattiness and Trip’s bewilderment. It didn’t advance the Xindi arc much but it was a nice break and it certainly did entertain.I give this one a B+. The + because it was just plain fun to watch.

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