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Story by: Manny Coto
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: David Livingston

After a series of flashbacks, the scene shifts to a room on a Reptilian ship. Hoshi is lying on the floor unconscious. Beside her is a metal chair. She awakens and stands up. Dolim and other Reptilians enter. She asks: “Why am I here? What do you want?” Dolim tells her he was “impressed” with her ability with the Aquatic language. He goes on: “We have some encoded data we need translated.” She tells him: “I’m not a cryptologist.” She doesn’t want to do it. Dolim tells one of the Reptilians to prepare her “for the procedure.” He puts her in the chair and locks her in.

The shuttlepod with T’Pol, Reed and Mayweather returns to the Enterprise. T’Pol hands Trip the memory core taken from the Sphere and tells him to bring it to the Command Centre. She wants to “access the data” from it and wants him to help. Trip apprises them of what has happened. Major Hayes asks Reed where Hawkins is. Reed tells him he was killed. Hayes wants a full report.

At the Council site, Archer rushes into the chamber. The Primate and Jannar, the Arboreal are there. Archer wants to know where the Reptilians are. The Primate tells him they are “trying to determine their location.” Archer thinks they might already be deploying the weapon. Jannar and the Primate reassure Archer that they can’t as they need three of the Xindi “sets of commands” to do it and they only have two. Jannar adds that the Reptilians might “try to bypass the command codes themselves.” Archer tells them: “They’ve abducted my Communications officer.” Jannar asks: “You believe they’ll use her to decrypt the arming sequence?” Archer replies: “She’ll never cooperate.” The Primate tells him: “She may not have a choice.”

In the Command Centre, T’Pol and Trip are working to access the data from the memory core. Trip wishes Hoshi was there to help and he says: “Hope she’s ok.” T’Pol tells Trip she cares about Hoshi too but they “can’t allow her situation to become a distraction.” Archer comes in. T’Pol tells him they’ve “made some progress.” She continues: “We know the Spheres are connected by a subspace energy grid. But four of them appear to be integral to that connection.” Trip points to the screen and to one that is the nearest and says they’ve named it Sphere 41. The four Spheres control the rest. Archer asks if destroying one of the four would disrupt the others. Trip says they don’t know yet. Archer tells them to keep working.

On the Reptilian ship, Dolim tells Hoshi: “Cooperate and this won’t be necessary.” They intend to inject “parasites” into her brain. He tells her: “Once they begin reconfiguring your synaptic pathways, you’ll be much more compliant. Before your primate brain is too badly damaged to understand, I want to thank you for helping us destroy your world.” She spits in his face. They proceed with the injection. We hear a drilling sound and Hoshi screams as it is obviously

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