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“Vulcan’s don’t have honeymoons.” She goes on: “After the ceremony, I went to Mount Seleya to meditate… (she clears her throat) alone.” He replies: “It was none of my business anyway.” Suddenly, two Orion interceptors attack the ship. They hail the Enterprise. The Orion tells Archer: “You’ve stolen our property.” Archer reminds him that they were Enterprise crewmembers. The Orions want the Enterprise to stop and deactivate weapons. The Orion ship “targets” the Enterprise’s “nacelles”. Mayweather tells Archer: “We’re dropping out of warp.” Archer orders “torpedoes”. Mayweather notices another vessel approaching. It is the Klingon ship. They target the interceptors. One is destroyed and the other retreats. Hoshi tells Archer: “The Klingons are requesting to dock.” Archer knows it is the Augments. Malik comes on board. In Archer’s Ready Room, Malik tells him: “I know he’s on this ship. We received his signal. Archer recalls how Soong accessed the console at the processing station. Malik wants to know where Soong is being kept. Archer tells him he is in the Brig. Malik wants to talk to him. Archer refuses. Malik reminds Archer of how they saved the Enterprise from the Orions. Archer replies: “My ship wouldn’t have been in danger if we hadn’t come looking for you.” Malik asks him what he wants. Archer answers: “My orders are to take you back to Earth.” Malik asks: “Earth considers my father a criminal. Why?…because he brought us to life. You want to take us back to a world that opposes our very existence.” Archer mentions the Klingons “threatening a war”. Malik tells him: “That’s not our problem. We don’t care what happens to you. Humanity is no longer relevant. To quote one of your philosophers, Nietzsche: “Mankind is something to be surpassed.” Archer replies: “You think he was talking about you?” Malik approaches Archer and says: “I’m about to attack you.” Reed and a MACO raise their phasers but Malik is too fast and grabs Archer by the neck. He turns him around to face Reed and the MACO. Malik gloats: “You see? Even with a warning you’re not fast enough.” Reed tells him to let Archer go. Malik retorts: “We have five times your strength, double your intelligence…” Reed tells him: “Let him go!” Malik replies: “I’ll tear out his throat. Lower your weapons…(he tightens his grip on Archer’s throat) now!” Reed and the MACO comply. Malik calls Persis who has “broken” the “security codes” and tells him: “We’re ready.” The Augments board the ship and fight with security and the MACOs. They knock them out and proceed. Malik moves out of the Ready Room to the Bridge while still holding Archer in his grip. He goes to the turbo lift with the Captain. The Augments have made their way to the Brig. They easily incapacitate the MACO guards. Persis frees Soong. They hug each other. Soong is clearly moved. Meanwhile, Malik takes Archer to the Brig and sees Soong is free. He pushes Archer down and goes to embrace the doctor. Soong tells the Augments how “proud” he is of them. Archer gets up and tries to reason with Soong. Malik wants to kill Archer and the crew. Soong tells him that the Enterprise is “disabled” and to “let them go.” As Soong goes to leave, he tells Archer: “Take my advice. Go home and start learning how to speak Klingon.” The Bird of Prey goes to warp.

Soong tells the Augments that he “doubted” himself and his work but seeing them he tells them he realizes it was “worth it”. He continues: “We’re going to build a new world. But we can’t begin that task just yet. Thousands of your brothers and sisters are waiting to be born. Let’s go get them.” To be continued…

As setup episodes for mini-arcs go, this one is good. It is predictable unfortunately and that’s the problem with prequels of any sort. There’s no doubt that the Augments will fail and

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