Essential Apps for Running Your Business

Essential Apps for Running Your Business

Running a business is a mundane task, and you need to do it effectively. No matter what type of business you own, you need to run your business to stay on top efficiently.

You need various apps to handle multiple parts of your business. One app cannot treat a complicated thing as your business. From business contract management software to collaboration boards, businesses need to learn how to use to tech to bridge the gap in operations. Besides being able to improve productivity, these applications can also affect the present new opportunities. This article will talk about various apps that are essential to run your business.

Let’s have a look at the various essential apps for running your business.


With different teams working from across the globe, you need an active channel for communication. Slack can help communicate with people located anywhere in the world. Email threads are depreciated and starting a new group chat on slack has become more productive. It can handle images and other documents well. It helps the employees to seek help and solve their issues within a couple of seconds.

Various teams can have their chats and one main group chat for all the teams.


Price: Slack is free for all


Trello is generally used to schedule tasks and keep track of them efficiently. It is free software that oversees the work in progress. Each team member has their account, and you can monitor their progress.


Price: This software is free

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There is various business management software online, such as Quikflw that help manage your business management needs. Such software can handle Customer Relationship Management (CRM), invoice generation, quotations, purchase orders, contracts, and various tickets.

You can save time by using a business management tool to ensure that your employees tend to more important matters. Such tools can handle mundane, repetitive tasks automatically and provide a certain amount of automation.

Since the business management tool is cloud-based, you can manage your business anywhere and at any time, given that you have access to the internet. Managing business-on-the-go has become more accessible and more efficient. It also helps employees who are in the field to pull up details about the business or invoices etc.

Quikflw provides a 14-day free trial so that you can get a feel of the product before you embed it into your business.


Price: starts at $20 per month


Any business has a lot of files that need to be handled efficiently. All such files need to be backed up securely. Dropbox being cloud-based ensures that data is available 24/7. It has replaced the need for having a dedicated physical server for all company data.


Price: Plans are from $14/month


Grammarly is a tool that checks the grammar of any document or webpage. Typing up emails to your customers can be a mundane task, and errors in the email will create a wrong impression. You can use Grammarly to check various grammatical errors, as well as punctuation and spelling errors.

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Price: It provides a free browser plugin with some premium app features

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