Essential Facts to Know About Modern Two Block Haircut for Men

Essential Facts to Know About Modern Two Block Haircut for Men

Korean culture and style are gaining a lot of popularity over the past years. If you think that such interest comes from the female population due to the innovative makeup trends that originate from Korea, then you are mistaken. There are many exciting things for men in there too. As LoveHairstyles has it, a two block haircut is one of those intriguing and highly required trends among the male population inspired by K-pop culture that it is no longer worthy of denying it.

Instead, we are going to point out all the crucial factors about the cut, along with whether or not you should consider getting it and which styles are better than the others.

A Two Block Cut – The Definition
To cut a long story short and to make it a lot easier to grasp the definition of a two block cut, it is safe to say that it is nothing more than an upgraded undercut. In the majority of cases, the sides, as well as the back of the head, are cut short, while the top is left longer to create that contrast, which influenced the name of the cut. As you can see, the principle is simple in its core, but that simplicity brings in a lot of room for experimentation, and that is precisely the vital factor that makes the hairstyle so required.


Who Should Opt For a Two-Block Haircut?
If you ask us – we say that anyone who is in the mood for some trendy experimentation should opt for the cut. It is highly modern and easy to look after, not to mention the fact that it reveals a lot of room for further experimentation with style. Besides, should anything go sideways and you no longer like the style, you can always change it with ease.

How Should You Style The Cut?
A two block cut is one of those which can be both simple and challenging, at the same time, to style. It all depends upon your personal style and preferences. However, the beauty of the cut lies in its extreme versatility. You can easily suit it to any style or face shape. For instance, a side fringe will come in more than useful when you wish to add sharpness to your round face. Also, a dyed top will introduce that unique and edgy touch to your general style so that you will definitely stand out from the crowd no matter where you are headed.

popular look

Most Popular Two-Block Cut Looks
No-style cut – if you are searching for the most no-fuss option when it comes to a two block haircut, then a no-style one is undoubtedly worthy of your attention. All you require to achieve the look is to leave the cut be as it is. Blow-drying and working some product in is clearly optional.
Disconnected undercut – should you choose to make the cut stand out, then a disconnected undercut is an idea to give a try too. The main idea of this variation is to bring each ‘block’ of the cut to your attention so that no detail goes unnoticed. While it is utterly unique, it is not that difficult to incorporate into your regular style, and it does not require too much of styling effort put into it.
Slicked back – a true gentleman will surely appreciate the variation. The truth is that while some consider the look a bit edgy, it is perfectly classy in its core. Besides, you can always experiment with your look by letting the hair down.
A side-part – this is another timeless alternative with a trendy touch to it. All you need to do is to part the crown on the side. However, you should be aware that a side part will do you no good if your face is truly tiny.
Long two block cut – if you are not a fan of shorter haircuts, a two block style gives you a chance to keep the mane long. However, at the same time, you need to make sure that it is not too long so that it blurs the style definition since there would be no point in acquiring a cut like that.

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