Famous Cultural Destinations in Japan

Famous Cultural Destinations in Japan

At the outset, you may picture Japan as a modern country that has loads of technological challenges to offer. However, the truth may not be what you get to hear. Japan too has a rich cultural heritage to offer to you. For those who wish to explore this aspect of this lovely country here, we share with you some of the famous cultural destinations here.

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This is a very old district and its lineage is considered to be 10,000 years old. The place in itself remained the feudal capital of Japan between 1185 and 1333 and the stunning temples present here remind you of the era gone past by. The Zen temple of Hokokuji is one such location and it has a gorgeous bamboo garden with nearly 2000 dark green stalks. There is also a famous bronze statue of Buddha which is 13 meters in height and remains like this for the last 500 years.

Sensoji Temple district 

Located in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, it is one of the most colorful temples in the country. It was built in the 7th century and that in itself gives an idea of its ancient history. Nearby you get all kinds of Japanese souvenirs and snacks for sale. Every year in May, the annual festival is held and the place should be a top visit at that time. When thinking of where to stay in Tokyo, Japan, try and look for a hotel near this location so as to experience the frenzy of the temple. 


The town has an old-world feel to it and that is why it finds a mention in this list. Originated in the 16th century, the traditional feel remains alive. Especially in the Old Quarter district, most of the buildings are made in keeping with the old styles. Every spring and autumn this place conducts the Takayama festival which is a crowd puller, so much so that the festival is mentioned as one of the best in Japan.

Hida Folk Village

This is located near the outskirts of Takayama and is actually an open-air museum having many homes built in the traditional style. It illustrates the kind of architecture Japan had in the past and you may have a taste of the rural life as it existed in the past. Inside the arts and crafts center, you might actually get to see actual demonstrations of their traditional arts. You may even have a look at their Hida Lacquer work which is a very famous art form that originated here.


Japan may have progressed and become modern, but its art and culture remain a mystery to the tourists. Only when you reach the country you actually realize the country has so much to offer. The above destinations are just a few of the places which expose the traditional side of Japan for you. Do research more before you start visiting these places so that you can explore more of such locations. Always smile when you are there because the Japanese are very courteous people and expect the same from their guests too.



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