Five Under-budget Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Five Under-budget Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

It is about time we realize that there will be no planet B once the Mother Earth is gone. All of us in our capacities should try to reduce our carbon footprint. When you think of making the transition to zero-waste lifestyle, it sounds like a difficult choice. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that can make this transition smooth for you.

So, it was the Mother’s Day, Christmas, or your best friend’s birthday and you kept delaying shopping until you reach the last minute. Eleventh-hour purchasing is usually obvious and does not include much thought. How about we make it different for you this year? Eco-friendly products can inspire others to live sustainably. Often, the smallest changes have the biggest impact. For example, switching to cloth from disposable paper towels can inspire you to make your cleaning products and take your reusable grocery bag drawstring bags to the store.

Below, we have collected few gift recommendations which are not only meaningful but also eco-friendly.

Reusable Tote Bags

Tote bags are reusable and we all own many at our homes. Every time we go grocery shopping, we are handed over a reusable shopping bag for few cents. But why not give a reusable bag such as drawstring bags to your loved one? This is going to help them in the long run due to the bag’s durability and reusability. To make it exclusive, you can get an affectionate quote or your picture with them printed on the bag.

Reusable Water Bottles

More than a gift, it is a must-have accessory for any responsible consumer. Gifting a water bottle will work as a reminder for their daily water intake. Shifting from plastic to reusable water bottle will signify your fight against the plastic problem. Buy flashy and fashionable water bottle from any well-stocked sport, fair trade, or outdoor store. You can even buy a reusable coffee mug in case they already own a bottle like that. 

Bake Them a Meal 

Who does not love to eat home cooked food? This is a classic, low-cost, and delicious eco-friendly gift idea that cannot go wrong. Bake them a loaf or make some tasty food to deliver it in a second-hand in a tin or jar. If your loved one likes baking, assemble a DIY meal basket full of delicious and organic products

Donate on Their Behalf

Most of the gifts we receive are usually something that we already own. If that is the case, make a monetary donation to a charity or an environmental group in the name of the recipient. Just make sure that the organization you are choosing to donate to is eco-friendly and works for a cause that both you and the recipient of the gift endorse. 

Plant Some Trees

This one eco-friendly gift sets itself apart from all your other eco-friendly efforts. Just one dollar donated to the environmentalist organization will plant one tree. This makes for a wonderful under-budget eco-friendly gift idea that will just keep on giving.

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