Five ways to focus on reading

Five ways to focus on reading

Reading should be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes it’s hard to concentrate. It’s sometimes important to get through books quickly and also to remember the contents. 

When you need go through material for school or work it occasionally happens that the reading material doesn’t interest you at all. You lose your concentration and focus you do not take anything in. Here are five tips to help you stay concentrated even if the stuff you’re reading is utterly boring. 

  1. Ask yourself questions before reading

Are you reading the book for school or work? Are you reading to prepare yourself for a exam? What is your purpose? Are you reading about a La Casita in Spain or how to use a mini wine cooler because of your work? By asking these questions before reading you prepare your brain for a sufficient intake of information. Not all the information is useful so it is important to focus on certain aspects.

  1. Read twice

The first time you read a book the information is fresh and new in your memory. Scanning the stuff for the second time provides a better focus. Also pay attention to the structure. For example: bullet points contain important information. 

  1. Use your hand, finger or pen 

When you use your hand, finger or pen to guide your eyes while reading you focus harder on the book and it will also help you increase your reading speed. Use this technique, it will help you stay focused even when you are reading boring material about the production of matt and nat bags (translated to Dutch: Matt en Nat tassen).  

  1. Take breaks
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People can only stay focused for about 45 minutes. For some people their concentration span is even shorter. Take short breaks in between reading because staying focused requires your brain to work very hard. Try not to read for long periods. After 45 minutes it’s time for a break. You can use the time to do something different. A quick work-out in your new sport bra (translated to dutch: sport bh) keeps your mind fresh for another focus moment.

  1. Find a study partner

Studying alone is also boring. Find a compatible study buddy because studies have shown that students have more success if the work with others. It should be someone who motivates you to get through your boring reading material. Conversations about the matter will result in better understanding of the matter and is also enjoyable.

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