Galen, Professor Richard

Library Computer InformationProfessor Galen is best known for his Kurlanian archaeology research. The Kurlanian race died out thousands of years ago, leaving only their figurines to guess at.

Professor Galen is the foremost expert on this species and has published several research papers on the subject. His most dynamic results came from his micro-paleontology studies. Which resulted in actual DNA fragments discovered fossilized on the planet Kurlan. Micro-paleontology is the study of fossils at the microscopic level, thus adding an entirely new dimension to the study of the past.

Ten years ago, Professor Galen began his micro-paleontology studies on the planet Kurlal, his work continued up until his death with dramatic results.

Professor Galen had made a remarkable discovery, so profound in its implications that he had decided to keep it a complete secret for the past decade. This discovery was that of an encoded DNA-based computer program hidden away in the genetic code of several planetary life forms scattered throughout our galaxy and beyond.

These fragments all seem to have similar protein configurations making them chemically compatible. The base pair combinations are uniform. When linked according to protein computability they form a complex algorithm coded at the molecular level.

The program was written over four billion years ago, and “seeded” into the primordial soup of some nineteen planets across the galaxy. The genetic active information was incorporated into the earliest life forms on these planets and passed down through each generation.

Status: Closed.

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