Great Last-Minute Baby Shower Gifts

Great Last-Minute Baby Shower Gifts

Becoming a parent is exciting and life-changing. Someone you care about is about to bring new life to this world, and it is a beautiful and challenging thing to do. Pregnancy is a magical time, and it should be celebrated. That is precisely why the idea of baby showers was created. And you as an extremely busy person or with a last-minute invitation need some help in finding the perfect gift for your friend or a family member that is a mom-to-be. Don’t worry, it is not too late. There are shops online, like, that offer quick delivery of their products. There are also services you can buy in minutes. Let’s talk about nine excellent baby shower gifts that you can get at the very last minute.

Help the baby and the mom fall asleep

Perhaps the most challenging thing to do for the parents is to put their baby to sleep. Some babies have trouble with falling asleep as they are too curious about the world, or just love hanging out with their parents. But it turns out parents are not zombies, need proper sleep in the night, and surprisingly don’t have much time for naps during the day. To solve the sleeping problem for them, order a music box to make the baby relax with the sound and fall straight to sleep.

Make her sentimental

Call the soon to be mom’s mother and ask about their favourite book or fluffy toy when they were little. Then, look online if it is still available. Buy it and see her tearing up and getting emotional. Nothing better than creating traditions.

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Recovery package

A baby shower shouldn’t be just about the baby; you can’t forget about the mom. The body of a woman goes through a lot throughout the pregnancy. Before and after giving birth, it needs extensive care, especially the skin. Purchase a set of organic cosmetics to help her with the recovery.

Make her remember

Pregnancy and the birth of a new baby boy or a girl is definitely a time to remember. It is a chaotic time, and it’s easy to forget about taking pictures or writing down the fantastic things that happen. This can be easily fixed with a voucher for a photo session and a pregnancy/new baby diary.

Reward the future mom for her bravery

It takes guts to bring a baby to this world. It is incredible how brave and strong women are throughout this process. But one thing they tend to forget about after the baby is born is their personal needs. Fortunately, you are here to rescue them with a night of pleasure, a gift card to a spa. Everyone needs a break from time to time and a new mom with a ton of responsibilities, perhaps the most from all of us. Let her relax and enjoy a massage or a facial to make her remember how beautiful she is.

Quick change anywhere

A portable changing station is a miracle for young parents that want to take their baby anywhere further than the living room. Unfortunately, not all public places are still not prepared to tend to parents’ needs, and usually, there is no space in the bathrooms to change the diaper. But with a portable changing station, you can visit your friends and family and many other places with the baby smelling and feeling fresh.

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Get creative

This next idea is for those who like to stand out from the crowd, and it is a hospital/mommy survival kit. Think of the things that you might need or forget on your way to the hospital and put them in a jar or a box. Most of them you will find in a local shop or pharmacy. Create a lovely label and a set of instructions and deliver a great gift in half an hour.

A gift card every mom wants and deserves

Look up online agencies with nannies or postpartum doulas that offer night care or babysitting services. You can also ask your friends to participate. Offer the services of a sitter! A new mom will need to do grocery shopping, go to a doctor by herself, or have an hour of a break, and somebody needs to take care of the baby at this time. Fix that problem with your magical gift card.

No time for cooking? No problem.

A new baby takes a lot of your daily time. You expect it to be hard, but you don’t even realize how chaotic a life with a newborn could be. You might not even have time to cook meals. This is where your present comes in, a subscription to a meal delivery service — no more hungry parents.

The baby shower is a fun time and a celebration every soon to be mother needs. It is totally fine if you didn’t have time to prepare a present before. It will still be perfect. Pick one of the mentioned ideas and make her happy.

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