How to Make your Home Comfortable During the Corona Crisis?

How to Make your Home Comfortable During the Corona Crisis?

The media is running rampant with on-the-clock news updates regarding the novel Coronavirus, reminding us of the newfound plague with every hourly check. The global pandemic has invaded the USA and Italy quite harshly, threatening economic stability and urging everyone to stay and work from home. As long as you are home – you are safe and free from the havoc the virus is causing outdoors.   

But staying at home does not necessarily mean that you are free from the clutches of the virus. Since the virus spreads via droplet transmission, it can come in contact with your household surfaces such as kitchen countertops, doorknobs, and even your cellphones.  

Mentioned below are a couple of tips that we believe will help you make your home comfortable during the Corona Crisis.

Make a List of Everything you Might Need!

Before you head to your nearest grocery store and hoard on toilet paper and cleaning detergents, we want you to take a deep breath at first! During this time of the Corona crisis, it is essential to stock up on detergents and sanitizers, but try not to be selfish while doing so.

Make a list of inventory that can help you last at least a couple of weeks till there is any news regarding the further implementation of the lockdown. From disinfectants, chlorine bleach, detergents, mops, sanitizers, soaps and toilet paper to food staples, frozen and canned food, and snacks to help you pass the time – cover your tracks! 

Clean, Rinse, Disinfect, Sanitize, and Repeat!

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, it is vital to clean your household surfaces with EPA registered and approved disinfectants. Or, if you want to go for the old textbook approach, you can add a cup containing three-quarters of bleach into a gallon of cool water to make your disinfectant at home! For vinyl flooring covered with stains, dirt, and grime, apple cider vinegar can also act as an incredible alternative to bleach for foolproof, clean surfaces. 

While doing the laundry, bleach is a must for disinfecting against germs; but you must know how to handle both white and colored basics. Since most automatic machines now have an in-built dryer, make sure each load spins for around 45 minutes so that the steam and further kill the germs. 

Having in-built household purifiers and humidifiers is a plus for killing household germs, but they alone cannot help you remove pathogens from your house. Always remember – cleaning with vigorous rinsing is a must if you want to ensure safety and protection from the novel coronavirus. specializes in vinyl, laminate, and wood flooring that is not only easy and simple to install, but also quite quick to clean! 

To prevent yourself from being infected amidst the outbreak, it is essential to practice social distancing and, at the same time, disinfect your home vigorously. Look beyond each corner with the necessary ammunition, that is, a pair of handy towels and mops and tend to the little cleaning chore with rage!

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