Key Work-from-Home Essentials in 2020

Key Work-from-Home Essentials in 2020

If, like many people, you’ve changed to working from home this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic or plan to soon, you know the new circumstances takes some adjustment. 

To help you get used to working from your property rather than within an office, set yourself up with all the key essentials to do your job efficiently. 

Dedicated Work Space

To concentrate appropriately and ensure your work doesn’t accidentally get thrown out or otherwise affected, it’s a good idea to create a dedicated workspace for yourself. If you can, set up a specific home office with a door that closes. 

If this isn’t possible, at least find yourself a quiet, private nook somewhere that is yours alone. Having a spot to do your job that is just for you will help you to focus better, and it will make it less likely you get interrupted by other people in your household. 

A Computer that Suits Your Needs

In this day and age, there aren’t many people with the ability to work from home who won’t do so without a computer. If you’ve had the same tech device for many years, or share the home’s gadget with other people, it’s time to upgrade to a computer that’s fresh, modern, and specifically for your work. 

If you think you’ll need a mobile office set up because you travel for work, it pays to purchase a portable laptop. Most laptops now come with just as much storage space as you’d find in a desktop solution. Note, though, that if you do purchase a laptop, it’s a good idea also to buy a monitor to set up on your desk. These products make a big difference to your neck and back and reduce the likelihood that you spend all day hunched over or squinting. Plus, a monitor is also handy if you like to use dual displays to do your tasks. 

Security Software

With hackers so rife these days, it’s also essential to install quality security software on your machine(s). Choose a comprehensive product created for the type of device you use, such as antivirus for Mac computers. The software you use should cover against a myriad of threats, too, including ransomware, spam, spyware, and other malware. 

Take a look at your computer to see if it has a firewall already installed on it. If so, make sure it’s switched on (go to the Settings) and then use this as an extra layer of defense against cybercriminals. If you don’t already have a firewall on your device, you can buy an affordable third-party product online or in-store. 

Internet Access

You’ll no doubt need to use the internet to do quite a bit of your daily work, from logging into company programs and submitting reports to online banking, research, and more. As a result, you require reliable, high-speed internet access at home, so you’re never caught out, unable to complete jobs on time. 

Plus, make sure you have a modern modem that will help to keep your internet connection stable. If you have multiple computers requiring internet access in your home or work in a part of the property far away from the device, you may want to invest in a network router. Some people need a signal booster, too. 

Other Tech Tools

To work from home effectively, you may require other tech tools. For instance, purchase the critical software programs you use regularly, or ask your employer if they can give you remote access to their company-owned solutions. Furthermore, if you deal with a lot of sensitive material as part of your work, purchase a paper shredder so that you can destroy confidential information. 

Most workers use a multipurpose machine quite a bit, too, such as those that can print, copy, and scan. The price of these products has come down significantly in recent years, so if you don’t already have this device in your home, it’s worth investing in an affordable one. Don’t forget to make sure you’re using surge protectors in your home office, too. Don’t risk having machines go bust or work getting lost due to electrical issues. 

Some other items you’ll need to work from home effectively and healthily this year and beyond are:

  • A standing desk or a converter so you don’t end up sitting down all day
  • A comfortable, supportive, ergonomic chair 
  • Adequate lighting
  • A filing cabinet, drawers, shelving, or other storage 

Working from home has a range of pros and cons, but if you set yourself up well with everything you need, and give yourself some time to adjust, you’re sure to find you love it. 

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