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The Klingons are a warrior race from the planet Qo’noS in the Beta Quadrant. Proud, aggressive and with an extreme high regard for tradition and honour, Klingons have a military orientation as far back as their historical records show, and their war like attitude makes them a power to be feared and respected on the galactic stage.

Klingons have a genetic predisposition for combat. They are immensely strong and are able to sustain serious injury yet remain functional thanks to their unique biological structure which incorporates the duplication of all essential organs to allow for damage to vital bodily functions. This makes the Klingons superb in close combat. In Klingon society, death in battle is the ultimate vindication of Klingon life which is celebrated as the freeing of the warriors spirit. Indeed, a wounded Klingon unable to face his enemies is expected to perform a ritual suicide.

The Klingon Empire became allied with the Federation in 2293 when Praxis, Qo’noS’ moon, was completely destroyed due to over-mining. This key energy-production facility meant that the after-effects threatened to deplete the oxygen in the homeworlds atmosphere. Gorkon, leader of the High Council, took the historic step to pursue for peace with the Federation; a step which led to decades of peace, changing the balance of power in the quadrant.

As with many human cultures, the Klingons perform a coming-of-age ceremony designed to eliminate the weak. The Klingons call this first test the First Rite of Ascension and the outcome will set the course of a Klingon’s entire life. Failure is the Klingon equivalent to blasphemy and a non-warrior is definitely a second class citizen. Meanwhile, those who pass are granted economic and political advantages. There are many other rites and rituals in Klingon society, all of which designed to test the warriors strength in the face of pain and overwhelming odds.

The Klingon idea of leisure is not restricted to fighting however; they take great pleasure in finer things such as food, drink and opera. In fact, heavy drinking is an essential part of Klingon society and a test of a warriors stamina. Legend also play a large part in Klingon society too, transmitted through song which is itself an integral part of Klingon culture. Most Klingons dream of having their actions immortalised in song and go to great lengths to get ‘noticed.’

A true Klingon warrior fears nothing, including death. A warrior should die on the battlefield, not from old age or ill-health. Suicide is preferred over dishonour incurred through illness or capture. It is these factors which make the Klingons a formidable force in the galaxy and a rich and intriguing people.

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