Liability and disability insurance

Liability and disability insurance

If you own a house, it is important to have a good insurance. Not only against burglary and fire, but also against liability and incapacity for work. Because if you can no longer pay your mortgage because you can no longer work, then you have obviously a big problem! Read on to find about liability and disability insurance.

Liability insurance after a dog bite 

One of the most important insurance policies for you as a homeowner is Liability and disability insurance. Because what happens if your children or pets cause damage to things or people? Think of a dog bite. (Dutch: hondenbeet) Or if one of your children accidentally damages the neighbor’s car or knocks over an expensive vase!

Liability and disability insurance is often part of your home insurance. Under the liability insurance policy, the whole family is usually insured and you are also insured against damage caused by pets, such as a dog.

As the owner of the dog, you are liable for the personal injury caused by the dog bite. And this damage can add up considerably. For example as a result of the victim’s medical costs, but also because the person bitten by the dog has become incapacitated for work. The personal injury then may result into hundreds of thousands of Euros!

With a liability insurance, all damage caused by the dog or one of your children is fully compensated.

Do you own a house? Then take a good liability insurance. It can save you a lot of trouble. 

Insurance against incapacity for work 

Anyone can become incapacitated for work due to an illness or accident. Especially if you as a homeowner have a mortgage, it is important to insure yourself against incapacity for work.

Suppose you were hit as a cyclist (dutch: fietser aangereden) and you were injured. Then you may become incapacitated for work. If there is a liable party, for example an insurer for the car that has hit you, you can recover your personal injury from this party. Recovering personal injury is not easy and often not all damage is compensated.

It is also possible that you as a cyclist were hit by another cyclist. Cyclists are not required to be insured. In that case, you therefore pay for your own damage! If you become incapacitated for work due to the collision, you will no longer have any income. You might then need to sell your house and get into serious financial difficulties.

You can get insurance to prevent damage as a result of incapacity for work. You do not have to worry then if you have been hit as a cyclist. All personal injury is then compensated by the disability insurer.

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