The Most Promising Mobile App Monetization Models

The Most Promising Mobile App Monetization Models

There are different purposes developers create their ads: some are more interested in having more loyalty from the audience to the company, while others may need more clients as well as another group may be interested in earning some money. Mobile apps often serve as an extra channel for a brand, it is quite popular as the harvest can be obtained almost immediately.

The situation when developers are trying to create something unique is more common as everybody wants to be a part of the community where the apps like WhatsApp cost billion of dollars. This area is really helpful in money-making and Adsmediabrokers offers to study the most prosperous business models for mobile apps. We devote this article time-proved methods of mobile apps monetization and their efficiency was confirmed more often than not.

How to choose correct business model for your app?

There are 4 main questions that will help you to make choice:

  1. Which problem does your app resolve and what is the way for it?
  2. What is the spice for your app, i.e. why people should pay for it?
  3. What do you think what other advantages your programm has?
  4. How successful the method of monetization you have already chosen can be?

It is also very important to set the balance between desires to attract as many clients as possible and earn money. Some methods we are about to discuss will bring you some money immediately, while others will gradually show their effect. Are you pressed of time? Or you can wait for a while and earn client database.

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Remember, monetization plan is to be designed and implemented in the app before release. Use of our article is that the same when you study models from app advertising platforms, you can take several ideas at once.

Free app with ads inside

It is the most common model with no limits for downloading. An owner of such is interested in getting as more visitors as possible. The data about users’ behaviour can be analyzed and given to publishers by app advertising network, the service can be paid.

As a result, you will have money by selling your space in the app. As your app is free, you will obtain users quite soon, but be ready that they will be quite angry with ads. Besides, this method will not work for specific niche software with limited number of functions as it will be too unnatural.


In this case users are offered basic and premium set of functions, latter ones are available when a person will invest a particular sum of money in the app. Key secret here is to interest people with your app for a long time, so that they would like to extend the amount of options in it.

The biggest problem is to find a balance of basic functions, as people will leave if their amount is too small. There will be no necessity in extra payments if there are too many options.

Paid apps

This app model is also quite popular. Advertising is unlikely to be used here and companies are very interested in showing their products in a favorable light immediately, before loading. The prices may vary from $0.99 to $999.99 and developer’s side gets money from each user without exception. Think about a killer-feature your app has, others can’t offer.

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And people, by the way, are more likely to use your product as they have invested in it something. The only point about them is that 90% of all paid programms are loaded less than 500 times a day.

In-game purchases

These type of apps offer to buy something starting from real world thing like clothes and accessories up to items for virtual world like weapon, skills, clothing for a character. It means that companies may get one more channel for promoting their goods and services. In-game currency can be also obtained this way. Real shop owners should think about it as there is no fee for real warehouse. However, be ready to pay some commission to app catalogue.


Here we are talking not about programm options, but access to content. For this model there is basic (free) amount of information, while some more data should be paid. It is a common case to offer full access for a limited period. The only problem about it that it may turn out to be quite difficult to see for which apps it is applicable.


It is quite new model. Its idea is in rewarding a user by advertiser for performing some particular actions inside the app. Brands and agencies are tools for monetization here. Developer is also interested in this scheme, as he receives some commission from each case.


Now ecosystem of mobile apps becomes more and more complicated, experts predict new forms of monetization appearing, as well as new type of app advertising platforms. But what is definitely true that they will be based on the types above.

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