December 1997The winner of the Nana Visitor signed and framed photo for the December contest was J. Funes of Alabama. His name was randomly selected from all the correct entries. He knew the it was Worf Riker was talking to when he said: “Besides, you look good in a dress.” This was from the 7th season episodeLiasons.

November 1997The winner of the Best of Both Worlds parts I & II is Stephen Prado of Arkansas. He knew that Captain Picard was held by the Borg for 6 days. This can be found in the opening sequence of Deep Space Nine’s pilot episode The Emissary.

October 1997The winner of the Marina Sirtis signed and framed photo for the October Contest was Richard Vollberg of Florida. His name was randomly selected from all the correct entries. He knew that the ten captains of the Enterprise are:

1) Robert T. April

(1701: Star Trek: The Animated Series)
2) Christopher Pike(1701: Star Trek: The Cage)
3) James T. Kirk(1701: Star Trek: The Original Series / 1701-A: Star Trek: The VoyageHome – The Undiscovered Country)
4) Willard Decker(1701: Star Trek: The Motion Picture – was relieved by Admiral Kirk)
5) Spock(1701: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan – was relieved by Admiral Kirk)
6) John Harriman(1701-B: Star Trek: Generations – was almost relieved by Kirk)
7) Rachel Garrett(1701-C: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Yesterday’s Enterprise)
8) Jean-Luc Picard(1701-D: Star Trek: The Next Generation / Star Trek: Generations /1701-E: Star Trek: First Contact)
9) William Riker(1701-D: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both WorldsPart I/II)
10) Edward Jellico(1701-D: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Chain of Command Part I/II)

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All the captains are canon and mentioned in The Star Trek Encyclopedia by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda and Debbie Mirek.

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