Path Of Exile: Tower Defense Mechanic Introduced With The New Blight Expansion

Path Of Exile: Tower Defense Mechanic Introduced With The New Blight Expansion

Path of Exile’s latest expansion is Blight. This expansion was a while ago and was released on September 6 for the PC and on September 9 for the console versions. The main highlight of the Blight expansion is the towers. These towers will play the defensive role as they will stop down the monsters while you kill them using your skills. You will have to stop them from reaching the central pump, which is draining oils from the Blight. Every zone will feature a Blight, and in the endgame, the entire map will be covered with them. Keep in mind that Exalted Orb won’t help you with this, so you will have to rely on the resources only.

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As for the Towers, you can build them at locations that will become available from time to time. You can build and even upgrade your towers at these locations. Of course, you will need resources for this, butPoE Chaos Orb and similar cheaper Path of Exile currency won’t be enough. And if you’re worried about getting resources, then they can be acquired by slaying monsters. There are a total of six types of towers that you can build. These are:

Fireball Tower

The Fireball tower is perhaps the simplest one. It can help you deal a lot of damage to your enemies. It can give a boost to your damage output if you place it near a cluster of Blight paths. In addition to this, after this tower reaches rank four, you can either convert it into a Meteor tower or a Flamethrower tower. Both can help you take down your enemies quickly.

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Chilling Tower

The Chilling tower is the one that will chill all nearby enemies. This is the tower that can help you move quickly between paths. In addition to this, after reaching rank four, this tower can be converted into either the Glacial Cage tower or the Freezebolt tower. The Glacial Cage tower creates a Frost Wall style effect around enemies, while the Freezebolt tower casts a spell that deals high damage while freezing some enemies.

Shock Nova Tower

The Shock Nova Tower is an interesting one considering it can electrify the monsters. It can drop shocked ground that can shock a decent number of monsters. At rank four, you can either transform it into a Lightning Storm tower or an Arc tower. The Lighting Storm tower will attack nearby enemies with a strike of lightning, while the Arc tower will simply cast Arc at nearby enemies.

Seismic Tower

The Seismic Tower is yet another tower that focuses on electrifying the monsters. It will send out shockwaves that will deal low damage but will stun the enemies. Once this tower reaches rank four, you can choose between the Temporal tower or the Stone Gaze tower. The Temporal tower can slow down a lot of enemies at once, while the Stone Gaze tower links to several enemies and slows them down with time.

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Summoning Tower

As its name suggests, the Summoning Tower will basically summon reinforcements for you. They will simply get in the way of the monsters to slow them down. You shouldn’t get too much excited as they will not deal a lot of damage. Once you reach rank four, you will have the option to either go with the Sentinel tower or the Scout tower. The Sentinel tower will summon one powerful minion, while the Scout tower will summon ten flying minions that will deal low damage.

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Finally, we have the Empowering Tower. This tower will basically provide a boost to your other towers. At rank four, it can be upgraded to either a Smothering tower or an Imbuing tower. The Smothering tower will weaken the monsters, while the Imbuing tower can provide you with increased speed.

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