Peppermint Tea Benefits – Why You Should Have It in Moderation?

Peppermint Tea Benefits – Why You Should Have It in Moderation?

Peppermint tea is one of the most widely used herbal teas in the whole world since ages now. Apart from the fact that the peppermint tea tastes incredibly refreshing and good and can serve as a soothing drink, it has several health benefits attached to it and is known sooth a large number of discomforts. This article, therefore, deals in details about the peppermint tea benefits. You will know when to drink it to draw the maximum benefits. Also, know the side effects to keep away from and how to drink tea in moderation.

Familiarize for peppermint tea

Peppermints belong to the mint family and are known for the aroma. It is a hybrid mint plant and is a cross between a spearmint and a water mint. They have been used for centuries now for the fact that it contains a pleasant and refreshing mint-like taste and there are a lot of benefits of peppermint. Hence, peppermint was used for making various candies, mints, and other refreshing foods. It is also used to add scent to various other products like mouthwashes, soaps, toothpaste, and cosmetics amongst others.

Along with that, the leaves of the peppermint are also used as a refreshing herbal tea drink by drying it. The leaves of peppermint contain several important ingredients or oils that have many health benefits attached to it. Some of the oils are limonene, menthone and menthol amongst others. Hence as mentioned, peppermint tea is one of the most widely used and consumed herbal teas in the world that it known to have a lot of health benefits attached to it.

What are the Peppermint tea benefits?

The peppermint tea benefits are wide. It is proven that consuming a cup of peppermint tea on a daily basis has worked wonders for the body of an individual. Apart from the fact that it has an amazing refreshing aroma and can serve as refreshment, it has a wide range of health benefits that work towards improving the overall health of the body as well as the mind. Starting from providing relief from mental pressure and stress as a result of its calming properties, to healing an upset stomach, to helping to lose weight, the benefits of peppermint tea are vast.

Hence, to mention a few peppermint tea benefits are:

Relieves headaches, migraine, and relieves stress

The peppermint tea works wonders to release a person off tensions and stress. It therefore, helps to take down any or diminish several kinds of headaches or migraine attacks. The aroma of the peppermint helps to refresh a person and lessen the headache. Along with this, the peppermint tea contains an essential oil called menthol. This oil helps to open the constricted blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the brain. It also helps in providing a cooling sensation. Thus, the peppermint tea could be also used as an alternative to painkillers to provide relief to a person from the headache.

 It helps to soothe an upset stomach

Also known as ‘the stomach healer’, peppermint tea can work wonders for healing an irritated stomach. Several stomach problems that are extremely common nowadays such as the stomach cramps, stomach aches, stomach pains, heartburn, gas and bloating, motion sickness, constipation, and IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome have been known to get cured by drinking peppermint tea on a regular basis. This is because of the menthol that the peppermint tea consists of. The menthol works towards soothing the stomach and also helps to clear the digestive system.

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 Helps to provide relief from menstrual cramps

Drinking two to three cups of peppermint tea daily during the course of the period has sown effective results in easing the pain of the menstrual cramps. This is for the fact that the peppermint has properties of relaxing muscles. The anti-spasmodic property of the menthol that is present in the peppermint helps to ease the constricting muscles that are present in the walls of the uterus.

 It helps to clear clogged sinuses

Consuming peppermint tea has been proven to be effective in clearing clogged sinuses. Clogged sinuses could be a result of allergies, infections or a common cold. This is because of the antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it carries. Along with that the menthol that the peppermint contains, provides a refreshing and icy hot sensation. A vapor if peppermint tea also helps to provide relief to the nasal cavity and improves breathing by improving the airflow through it.

Improve the sleeping patterns

One of the peppermint tea benefits is that it works wonders for a person who suffers from improper sleep or insomnia. The peppermint tea drink is caffeine-free hence consuming a cup of it every night before going to bed helps to pave the way to a restful proper and sound sleep. Along with that, the property of the peppermint tea to soothe and relax the muscles to help one release the stress also boosts a good sleep.

 It helps to fight bad breath

Peppermint is used widely in many chewing gums, toothpaste, and other mouth freshening products. This because the peppermint oil which is called menthol that is present in the peppermint tea helps to fight bacteria that mainly cause the mouth to smell bad. Along with that, the freshening property and odor of the peppermint also help to keep the mouth fresh and odor-free.

 Peppermint tea helps to lose weight

One of the peppermint tea benefits is that it helps a person in their journey to lose weight. Hence, all the people who are aspiring to shed some kilograms of their can and must include peppermint tea in their diet. This is because peppermint tea is calorie-free and helps a person to feel full for a longer period of time. This therefore prevents them from in taking more calories. Along with that, peppermint tea also caters toward satisfying all the people with sweet tooth because of its refreshing aroma.

 It helps to improve skin condition

Consuming peppermint tea on a regular basis has proven to improve the condition of the skin. The peppermint oil has been used for ages now to improve various skin conditions. It helps to treat and calm irritated skin, and takedown redness and itchiness of it.

 Fights bacterial infections and improves immunity

Consuming peppermint tea on a regular basis have proven to lessen the chances of getting bacterial infections. This is because it helps to kill the bad bacteria. The peppermint oil that the peppermint tea contains helps to stop various bacteria from growing and thus helps to prevent the body of a person from various infections. The antibacterial property that the peppermint tea contains also thus helps to improve the immunity of a person.

Helps to improve the focus and concentration of a person

Consuming peppermint tea have shown good results in improving the concentration and focus of a person and improve the mental clarity of them. In spite of the fact that the peppermint tea is completely caffeine-free, it works towards improving the memory of a person and also helps to reduce stress. The peppermint oil helps to improve the focus of a person more in comparison to other oils.

What are the peppermint tea side effects?

Although there are many peppermint tea benefits, it too comes with certain side effects. However, there not many side effects that consuming peppermint tea seems to cause. These side effects must therefore be clearly looked at and understood before consuming them.

Hence to mention, some of the peppermint tea side effects are:

  • Pregnant women must first consult the doctor before consuming the peppermint tea or must completely avoid consuming it during the course of their pregnancy. This is because consuming the peppermint tea causes the uterine to relax. This can lead to a miscarriage.
  • People who are suffering from GERD must try to avoid peppermint tea. This is because consuming peppermint tea causes the sphincter muscles of the esophagus and the stomach to relax. This exacerbates acid reflex.
  • There are certain medications that do not go well with peppermints. Therefore before taking any medicines a person must carefully go through its properties. It is best suggested to consult the doctor before taking any medicines along with peppermint.
  • There are certain rare cases where consuming peppermint tea has shown to worsen the condition of heartburn and GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.
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How to make Peppermint tea?

Now that peppermint tea benefits are known, the next step is to understand the step by step process on how to prepare or make the peppermint tea correctly to derive maximum benefits of it.

Hence, the step by step process on how to prepare the peppermint tea is:

Step 1

Search for and get some unblemished and green peppermint tea leaves from the stem or the market. Make sure to pick those leaves which look the healthiest to derive maximum benefits.

Step 2

The next step is to rinse the leaves of the peppermint properly so as to get rid of all the dirt and dust and other impurities. Therefore, a proper wash is required.

Step 3

For deriving the maximum benefits of the peppermint leaves and to also unleash the refreshing aroma and flavor of it, the next step is to crush the peppermint leaves properly. Hence, a person can use the backside of a spoon or a pestle to slightly crush the peppermint leaves. However, a person should not crush it extensively. The leaves should be slightly green and crumpled after mashing.

Step 4

Depending on how strong a person likes the flavor of the tea, place the peppermint leaves on a mug. After this step, put a jar of water to boil on the stove.

Step 5

After making sure that the water is boiled, the step is to turn off the heat stove and put it down. The boiling hot water must not be put immediately on the mug containing the peppermint leaves. Instead, the water must be let to cool down for some time. This is since the peppermint leaves brews best in hot water rather than in boiling water.

Step 6

Once the temperature of water cools down a bit, the next step is to pour the hot water into the mug that contains the peppermint leaves. It is important to make sure that the peppermint leaves are completely submerged in the hot water.

Step 7

Depending on how strong a person likes the aroma of the peppermint leaves, the leaves must be soaked on to the hot water. Roughly the leaves must be left on the hot water for 7 to 15 minutes.

Step 8

Once done, the next step is to take the peppermint leaves out of the mug with either a strainer or just a spoon. It is suggested to make sure that there is no peppermint leaf present in the mug.

Step 9

The next and the last step is optional. If a person wants to add some honey, lemon, or milk to go with the peppermint tea. However, a person can also choose to drink it without adding anything.

Final thoughts

Peppermint tea is one of the most healthy herbal drink that is naturally caffeine-free and contains no calories. Along with that, the health benefits that the peppermint tea serves to provide are too many. This healthy refreshing drink has served people for ages now with little side effects that are extremely rare to find. To derive multiple benefits of peppermint tea, add peppermint tea to the diet regularly. It can either be consumed in the morning or at night before going off to sleep for deriving maximum benefits. A person can feel and see visible results within just some days of consuming the healthy drink.

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