A Guide to Pick the Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys

A Guide to Pick the Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Cycling has always been a fun and exhilarating sport for many. With the sport of your choice to get and stay in shape, you also need a technical piece of apparel to help you function at your best. 

You might come across such words, such as ‘athletic,’ ‘fitted,’ ‘comfort,’ etc., but you have no idea about the jerseys that come in various fits and fabrics to suit different riding styles and conditions. Choosing the best women’s cycling jerseys would allow you to have a better experience on your bike. Thus, it is essential to determine what works for you and know what a jersey can do for your ride.

Look at the Fabric Type

Women’s cycling jerseys are made of variations of polyester in most cases. You may feel tempted to buy a cotton jersey, but you might feel sorry that you did. That’s because cotton absorbs sweat and keeps the cloth close to your body while you ride, making you uncomfortable. 

You would need something breathable to wick or pull the moisture away, so you don’t feel cold and wet. Some jerseys are higher priced, and they come with more panels of fabric. But, they can increase your garment’s technical performance and provide you with a better overall fit since they are designed to follow the curves of your body. 

So, you need to spend wisely while investing in your jersey’s fabric for the particular type of cycling that you’ll be doing, be it on the roads or the mountains.

Right Fit for your Body Type

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It is pivotal to find the right fit in your sports or activewear. Everyone has got different body shapes and sizes and different ideas about what they want. Before buying, make sure that you know the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips, and even back length to get a good size idea of the jersey.

You may want a loose-fitting top or a skin-tight top depending on the comfort, performance, and style. A jersey that drags more wind will not only slow down your performance but also zap some of your energy. However, you may not go for an aero-tight jersey with the least wind resistance, but a form-fitting and tight one that would make you comfortable. 

You may go for the performance-fit jerseys for whole day performance or race-fit jerseys for race-winning sports. You also need to choose a design that would show off your sense of style.

Consider the Weather Conditions

The weather would determine the type of women’s cycling jerseys you may require. You will perform better if you own a jersey that balances the body temperature, improves breathability, and incorporates UV protection with anti-microbial properties. You would need extra protection in the summer days. 

A jersey with a high ultraviolet protection factor can protect your skin all year round. Some manufacturers provide jerseys that effectively block the sun, so look for those with high SPF ratings if you are going out in the bright sunlight to avoid sunburn.

Long and Short Sleeves

Longer sleeves are great for cooler temperatures and would keep you warm in the winter. They can also be opted by pale-skinned riders to provide an extra layer of protection from the sun. However, long-sleeved jerseys are specifically made for the winter with thicker and warmer fabric than the short-sleeved ones.

Quality of Zippers

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Jerseys would either come with full-length or partial length zippers. They are important because you would need to provide the right amount of ventilation the body needs by raising or lowering them. Since it is extremely annoying to fight a zipper snag while riding, ensure that the jersey you buy comes with a good quality zipper.

Number of Pockets

You might want a jersey that comes up with rear pockets with either a zipper or elastic to keep them closed to keep your valuables. In the case of mountain rides, big bumps might result in tools and valuables getting balanced out. 

Hence, choosing a jersey that comes with a couple of extra pockets with zippers to hold them close would allow you to keep valuable items, such as a wallet, a cell phone, keys, energy bars, snacks, a spare tube, and some dire tools. Deep and stretchy pockets would be more helpful.

Wearing a cycling jersey is not always about the right look. They keep you comfortable while riding, prevent sunburn, and give you a place to comfortably store the things you would need to carry. It can keep you warmer in the cold weather and more relaxed in warm weather.

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