Top Reasons to Maintain a Pre- and Post- Workout Skincare Routine

Top Reasons to Maintain a Pre- and Post- Workout Skincare Routine

Generally, exercise is good for your overall well being. It helps to keep your heart and brain in good health. It also keeps your skin glowing, if you maintain it properly. On the other hand, exercising can cause more harm than good if you don’t take a pre- and post- workout skincare routine seriously. From cleansing your skin before and after your workouts to exfoliating and staying hydrated, there are many ways to maintain a healthy skincare routine.

When you build up a sweat during a tough workout, you can end up clogging your pores, as dirt and other contaminants stick to your sweaty skin. As it accumulates, it can block your pores. This can trigger breakouts and blackheads. That’s why you need to maintain a good skin care routine before and after working out. You also need to know the right skincare products to use as some may contain toxic compounds that can damage your skin. In this article, you’re going to learn the important reasons why you should maintain a good pre- and post- workout routine.

It takes a while to learn how to improve your skin to avoid blemishes and other issues that may arise from working out. Use these tips to get started, and continue to do your own research. Every person’s chemistry is different, so it can take some time to find an ideal set of skincare products.

1. Your Sunscreen Helps But It’s Not Enough

If you’re exercising outdoors, then a good sunscreen can protect you from the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind, however, that as you sweat, your sunscreen wears off. Also, if you are swimming, water can wash it away. To reduce these problems, choose a water-resistant sunscreen. In addition, pick one that isn’t going to leave an undesirable residue on your skin when you do want to remove it. 

2. Your Skin Needs Exfoliation 

When you work out, the sweat, dirt, and grime accumulating on your skin can clog your pores. This still happens if you just cleanse your body with water. You need to clear your pores, and water isn’t going to be enough to eliminate oil and grime. Taking out the dirt and oil that settles deep in the skin can be challenging. One way to do this is by scrubbing your skin thoroughly.

While a face wash can help to remove the dirt and sweat on your skin, it can’t do the job effectively. Besides, dermatologists don’t recommend using face wash as an exfoliator regularly particularly if you have sensitive skin. Use an exfoliant periodically to eliminate dead skin and contaminants. Just don’t overdo it; you don’t want to kill the healthy skin underneath.

3. Intense Workouts Heat Up Your Skin

Do you feel heat and notice redness in your skin when working out? This is normal during intense exercise. As you burn excess calories, your body temperature rises. This is a clear sign that you’re achieving your workout goals. However, it can leave you with itching and irritated skin. To reduce this problem, try a cooling gel after you wash up.

4. Wiping Away Sweat Effectively Helps to Prevent Acne 

Most people wash their faces after they work out. While this is a good habit, it’s not enough. Keep a clean towel with you and periodically wipe away sweat as it accumulates on your skin. Because it hasn’t evaporated, your sweat can help to remove dirt and grime. This will help to prevent the formation of blackheads. If you want to splurge, then try a moisturizing or cooling face wipe rather than a towel.

5. Your Skin is Exposed to Pollution

Many workout enthusiasts will cleanse and moisturize their faces during and after working out. But, there’s a problem. When you work out, your body temperature rises. This causes your pores to open. When that happens, pollutants such as dust and fumes can invade your skin. To keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, try an anti-pollutant moisturizer that prevents pollutants from getting into your skin through the opened pores.

Pre- and Post- Workout Skin Care Products You Should Have in Your Arsenal

A Good Cleanser

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Before you start working out, cleanse your face with a face cleanser designed for the gym. It should also be suitable for your skin type, so read the label before you make a purchase.

Antioxidant Serum

Serums contain helpful super-concentrated and healthy nutrients that are beneficial for your skin health. For that reason, have your skin serum when working out. There are many options to choose from, but fitness trainers and dermatologists often recommended antioxidant serums

Other important skincare products you should consider include eye cream, moisturizer, and skin toners. In addition, keep in mind that the skincare products you choose may vary, based on what time of day you choose to work out, and the activities you prefer. So, start simple, and gradually expand your skincare arsenal. Over time, you’ll learn which products are best for your individual needs.

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