Rihanna Net Worth and Everything Else You Need To Know About World’s Richest Female Singer

Rihanna Net Worth and Everything Else You Need To Know About World’s Richest Female Singer

When you think about all those cool female singers, who take your heart away and make you feel more motivated, Rihanna is a name that is most likely to come to your mind. Isn’t it true? Well, there is no denying that her songs, We Found Love and Live Your Life overwhelmed us all. However, have you ever wondered how much she earns, or what Rihanna net worth is?

This article will tell you everything that you need to know about the female singer. If you aren’t a fan yet, then you will surely be one after reading this article.

But First, Who Rihanna Really Is?

The singer we all know by the name Rihanna is officially named as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The Barbadian singer is not only popular for her variety of musical styles but also for her reinvention of an image through the course of her career.

We all are aware of how hardworking the singer is. But can you guess how much does she earn? Surprisingly, according to 2019 statistics, Rihanna net worth is $600 million. This is why she is now considered to be the world’s richest female singer.

Rihanna’s Early Life

The 1988-born singer had begun to involve herself in music when her parents divorced. This was when Rihanna was just 14 years old. Can you imagine going through such circumstances and possessing as much fortune as Rihanna net worth? Yes, that seems next to impossible. Nonetheless, Rihanna’s passion and love for music brought her in the place where she is today.

Rihanna had always listened to Caribbean music from the start. This included reggae majorly. However, she also tuned in to R&B and American hip-hop. Although she planned to graduate from high school, she decided to go for a career in music. This is when Rihanna’s will come into action. She decided her own fate.

The Beginning of Musical Career

Everything You Need to Know about Rihanna, World’s Richest Female Singer

Rihanna started her musical career by forming a girl gang with two others, eventually attracting the producer of an American record, Evan Rogers in 2004. Gradually, from an audition with Jay-Z, the famous rapper, to 2005’s single Pon de Replay, she began to attract an international audience. This is when Rihanna net worth began to augment.

Rihanna’s first song that topped the Billboard singles chart was S.O.S. From then till today, the singer has never stopped.

Work, Work, Work, Work

You must have heard Rihanna’s song Work that is listed among her best top 10 songs. Well, it is not just what she says but also something that she truly believes in. To work is the musician’s motto, which has led Rihanna net worth to be a topic of interest. Had she not been involved so fully in her career, we would not be aware of any such lady.

How much does Rihanna earn exactly?

Everything You Need to Know about Rihanna, World’s Richest Female Singer

Rihanna net worth is an outcome of earning millions of dollars from tours. What is noteworthy is her Diamonds World Tour of 2013. It was the most prolific one of all that earned her over $140 million all over the world.

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Moreover, Rihanna net worth is also a result of the profits that she makes from tour sponsorships. For instance, in 2016, she signed a contract worth $25 million in order to promote Samsung during her Anti World Tour.

Another remarkable statistic related to the singer’s earnings is that in 2016, she earned $2.5 million from sales and $7.6 million just from streaming.

Additionally, Rihanna is a part-owner in Tidal, a streaming service that has sold stakes worth millions of dollars.

By now, you must have pictured the lady as a musician whose fortune, approximately $600 million, is a result of her knuckling down in the career of music.

However, this is not true at all. Rihanna net worth is not just the profits she makes from songs and her musical careers. She has also earned $41.5 million by appearing in the box office movies Ocean’s 8, Annie, and Home.

Other than that, the singer has designed various collections for brands like River Island and Armani and is a creative partner with MAC. Moreover, she has also signed contracts with a variety of companies – from Cover Girl to Dior.

In fact, Rihanna once claimed that the only brand she could afford during her childhood was Timberland and that was her Dior. You see, how success worked for her? There was a time when she could afford anything from Dior and then there is today – she is dealing with the brand.

Furthermore, Rihanna also took the position as the creative director of Puma in 2014 and has created shoe lines and clothing that have worked exceptionally great. She has also released 11 fragrances over the course of years. Reb’l Fleur, her first scent, brought in approximately $80 million in sales.

By now, you might be wondering what else could be there. You may think that you know where the majority of Rihanna net worth comes from. However, it is not true. Her fortune majorly is a result of her partnership with LVMH, French luxury-goods giant. The company owns half the brand of Rihanna, Fenty Beauty. Interestingly, Rihanna herself possesses just 15% of her own brand. What is significant here is that the brand is worth an estimated $3 billion.

In case you have not ever heard of Fenty Beauty, it is a clothing house with jewelry, accessories, shoes, and clothes.

How does Rihanna spend her Money?

Everything You Need to Know about Rihanna, World’s Richest Female Singer

You are now aware of Rihanna net worth and from where does all her or majority of her fortune come from. However, you must be wondering where the world’s richest female musician spends her money. Don’t worry, we are here to reveal that to you, too.

Rihanna net worth is so high that she is among the richest ones in her category. Hence, how she spends her money is worth knowing.

To begin with, she bought a four-bathroom, three-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles worth $5.45 million in 2014. After all, luxury and comfort come with money.

Two years later, the singer spent about $925,000 on the Millionaire Mile in Los Angeles.

The following year in 2017, she bought a 7,130 sq. ft. Hollywood Hills property worth $6.8 million. Do you follow the pattern now? Rihanna loves spending her fortune in real estate.

Not just this, but she also makes profits from these. The Hollywood Hills estate was sold for $7.4 million the next year.

Furthermore, the singer also rented a penthouse in lower-Manhattan for $39,000 a month in 2013. By 2014, its rent had risen to $50,000 per month. Later, in 2018, she put it on the market for just $16.9 million.

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What is now going to surprise you is how Rihanna net worth is spent as part of her living costs. As per 2019, the singer has been living in a 7-bedroom mansion in London. The rent for this place is $20,363 per week.

Recently, Rihanna has been known to record new music on a property in Osea Island. The estate, which contains cottages, pool, cinema, and a gym, has a daily rent of $25,454.

How much does Rihanna Spend on her Vacationing?

Everything You Need to Know about Rihanna, World’s Richest Female Singer

Not everyone, including Rihanna, can work all the time. They need vacations to free themselves from the workload. Nonetheless, Rihanna is different from the rest. When she does not work hard, she plays hard.

When it comes to vacationing, the singer spends money without any worries. Rihanna net worth is the key reason. It is worth spending when it comes to your leisure time.

Rihanna has been seen vacationing in her nation Barbados, and in other places like Honolulu, Los Cabos, St. Tropez, and Portofino. Moreover, she has also been found going for yacht vacations. In the year 2011, Rihanna cruised down the French Riveria. The yacht she was in is known to charter for $300,000 per week.

Three years later, the singer chartered a yacht for a couple of weeks around Cote d’Azur.

Well, vacationing is not just where the singer spends her money. Some portions of Rihanna net worth are also known to be spent while she is out for the night. In 2013, she spent $8,000 in one night at a strip club in Miami and $17,000 at a Houston strip club with the well-known rapper Drake.

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What else does Rihanna’s Expenditure Comprises of?

Apart from real estate, partying, and vacationing, the musician spends money on her beauty. This may sound surprising but she spends about $38,000 every week just on her beauty.

Other than that, she spends money on her clothing. In fact, she has been known to wear Gucci socks worth $1,340.

Rihanna net worth is such a large amount that it is difficult to wonder where else can she spend her money.

The Bottom Line

Rihanna net worth is a result of her dedication and motivation. The richest female musician knows well of places where she should spend the money that eventually profits her.

Posterior reading this article, one can learn various qualities from the musician:

  • Difficult times are not constant. The way she stayed motivated is noteworthy.
  • Whenever you have money, consider investing it.
  • Investing only in real estate is not enough. One must also invest in themselves (she spends money on her beauty).
  • One must never stop even if they reach their desired goals. There is always more to be attained.

Posterior understanding Rihanna net worth and how she spends her fortune, you might be inspired by the musician. It takes courage and belief to listen to your heart and follow it. Rihanna did it and she made it till here. Hence, the primary mantra of getting successful is following your heart and passion and doing everything with all blood and sweat so that you can achieve what you dream of! Rihanna did the same and became the world’s richest female singer!

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