7 Robots That You Should Use in Your Home Remodeling Business

7 Robots That You Should Use in Your Home Remodeling Business

Running a home remodeling business can be challenging as there are so many things that you have to stay on top of. Remodeling is different from construction: for the latter you build the house from scratch while remodeling on the other hand, is changing the structure or form of an already existing building. This makes it more difficult because you will need to build a new section of the building, without damaging the integrity of the pre-existing building.

For such work, you will need high precision equipment to do it properly. Why not use robots in your operations? New innovations in robotics have developed incredible robots that can build a house in a matter of days. Robots will enhance your business like never before. Here are 7 Robots that you should use in your home remodeling business. 

1. Welding Robots

When it comes to remodeling a building, proper welding is key. Most houses are held up by steel beams, and in the passage of time or during the remodeling process, these beams may get damaged. If you continue to use these damaged beams, there may be a chance that they will bend or break in the future. This is where welding robots come in handy. These robots are specially designed to weld metal parts together with incredible effectiveness and efficiency. 

Welding robots are usually robotic arms outfitted with a welding torch. They are very flexible and can reach areas that human workers can’t. Welding robots are usually attached to a wheeled base so that they can be moved around with ease. If you are interested in purchasing a welding robot, you should check with EVS as they have welding robots for sale: you will not only get quality but also save on the cost of your installation. 

2. Painting Robots

Painting is yet another key aspect of the remodeling process. The homeowner would usually want a new coat of paint for the wall or the ceiling of the house. It is an important part of the process, however, it can be tedious and time-consuming.

 This is especially true for a remodeling team that has few members. There is also the matter of the quality of the paint job. If the team does not work in tandem or if one of the painters is inexperienced, there is a chance that mistakes will be made. So the area will need to be repainted again. This is a waste of time and resources. Luckily there are painting robots that can do the job well. Painting robots are specifically designed to paint walls, cars, and other objects with incredible speed and accuracy. The robot is usually outfitted with either a spray paint hose or a large paintbrush. The robot is programmed to paint various surfaces and can do its job in a very consistent manner.

3. Robotic Bricklayer

During the remodeling process, there is a chance that your client will want you to lay bricks. This adds a certain classical flair to the design, and can also help insulate the building. It also a very tedious and time-consuming job that can prolong the remodeling business. The bricklaying process is a monotonous activity, but you will also have to pay attention because one badly laid brick can ruin the entire wall.

Fortunately, there are customized robots that can do the bricklaying process with ease. A bricklaying robot is a large robot arm that can be programmed to lay the bricks without being controlled or supervised. This means that the machine can just continue to lay down the bricks, while the rest of your team can focus on other tasks.

4. Drilling Robot

During the remodeling process, there will be a lot of drilling that needs to be done. Pilot holes need to be placed before screws are set in place. This can also take a lot of time and effort. Luckily there are drilling robots that can take the slack.  

Drilling robots are usually made up of robot arms outfitted with drills. They are placed firmly on top of a wheeled platform and can be moved around without any fuss or effort. By using drilling robots in your construction, you will eliminate the need to bring clunky drilling equipment. 

5. Material Handling Robot

Remodeling a house takes a lot of planning and logistics. Materials need to be moved efficiently and stocked. Building supplies need to be prepared and set up before the remodeling process begins. It is an important aspect of the work process, but it can be tedious and work-intensive. Luckily material handling robots can make the job easier. The robot is made up of a robotic arm attached to a wheeled base. This type of robot is meant for assembly, dispensing, sorting and pick and place applications.

6. Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots are particularly expensive, but it is for a good reason. It is an advanced type of robot that can fulfill a myriad of applications. The most unique thing about collaborative robots is that they are designed to work with their human handlers. Their body parts are also rounded and made from soft plastic alloys to prevent injury. 

They are also programmed to work in tandem with the rest of the crew. The COBOT is an extremely advanced piece of hardware though, so it is extremely expensive. Far too expensive for most remodeling business as of the moment. However, as new innovations in robotics spring up, the chances of COBOTS being mass-produced at a more affordable price become more possible. 


Remodeling a house or a building can be quite a challenging undertaking. Your team should be able to work in tandem with one another, and you should also be able to lead them well throughout the project. 


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