Safe and Secured: 3 Best Fireproof Safe To Choose From

Safe and Secured: 3 Best Fireproof Safe To Choose From

Fire is something that gives you chills just by giving a thought of it. It’s something that could literally destroy everything you own without mercy. If your house gets caught by a fire, the first thing you do is to call 9-1-1 and hope that they could get there before it’s too late. But, after calling Fireproof Safe emergency services, you also need to gather every essential document you have. 

Well, that is if you’re home during the disaster. But if not, there’s a higher possibility that it’ll be too late for you to get all the necessary items before the fire runs out. With that, it’ll be so frustrating on your end because you’ve lost everything, and the only thing left for you is to start again from scratch. So to prevent such a thing from happening, you may need to have a fireproof safe. 

SentrySafe-SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe

If you need a durable and reliable safe, then the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe could be the perfect safe for you. This safe is exceptionally waterproof, impact-resistant, and mostly fireproof. It was verified by research that it could withstand 60 minutes of fire up to 1700 Fahrenheit. It basically ensures the safety of your valuables within a roaring blaze. 

In addition to that, SentrySafe offers its consumers a lifetime warranty for a replacement in any chance the safe gets damaged by water or fire. It’s also proven and tested to be capable of surviving 8-inches of water for 24 hours. Even if this safe falls from a height of one foot, it guarantees the safety of your valuables as it’s also impact-resistant. 

Like any other standard safes, the SFW123DSB Dial Combination Safe is exceptionally reliable and tough. Some people actually say that this is the best fireproof safe in the market today. Also, the combination lock is an advantage in making the safe more secure. 

Fortress-24 Gun Fireproof Safe

The Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe is the ideal place to keep your weapons, primarily guns, away from thieves. It’s also a safe place to prevent your kids and any other children from causing themselves harm with dangerous weapons. Like any other safes, this safe is also theft-proof, child-proof, and, most of all, fireproof. So you can use this to keep all your precious and valuable collections. 

It’s a large 24 cubic foot stable gun safe. It’s also 55 inches tall with large storage capacity and weighing around 300 pounds. This safe is locked with three one inch bolts that only the electronic lock or backup emergency key can unlock. It can also withstand a destructive temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

First Alert-2087F Bolt-Down Combination Safe

The First Alert 2087F Bolt-Down Combination Safe is waterproof, pry-proof, and extremely fireproof safe. It prevents anyone, especially thieves, from carrying this safe as it’s bolted down to the floor. So, it’s pretty much reliable and durable in times of emergency. 

It’s a small safe with quite a spacious storage capacity. If you locked yourself out by any chance, this safe has an override key feature that’s useful for emergencies. Its fireproof rating can withstand a blazing temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. 

Takeaway of Fireproof Safe

It can be overwhelming choosing the most suitable and reliable fireproof safe as there are so many options to choose from. The three types of safes listed above are among the most fireproof safes you can find in the market. So, if ever you found yourself in need of a fireproof safe, consider having the choices above. It’s time for you to keep your valuables and precious collections in a safe place. 

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