Star Trek Sketchbook by Herbert F. Solow and Yvonne F. Fern
Devise a look for the future. Construct strange new worlds. Create new life forms. Design their clothes. Do it all in a week. And do it on budget. This was the mission for the creative staff of Star Trek. For three years just a handful of talented artists created the entire world of Star Trek.

The Star Trek Sketchbook is a unique opportunity to finally see sketches collected from these artists, providing insight into their creative processes. The Original Series was fortunate enough to have a handful of designers who overcame the creative constraints of a weekly television series to forge a vision of the future that became literally a cultural icon.

Matt Jefferies created meticulous sketches of every aspect of the Starship Enterprise and the worlds she visited. The energetic illustrations of William Theiss depicted some of the most lavish costumes ever worn in this or any other galaxy. Fred Phillips designed makeup that actualized whole new races, with just humans underneath. Wah Chang created props and hardware that are still the basis of futurist design.

For a writer, the sky is the limit. You can create anything, imagine anywhere. The designers on Star Trek had to make it real, affordable, and come back and do it all again next week. The Star Trek Sketchbook allows you onto the sound stages where it all happened.

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