Six Healthy Ways In Which You Can Get High

Six Healthy Ways In Which You Can Get High

Getting High Safely

There can be many reasons why individuals want to get high, such as escaping from pain and loosening up. Enjoying cannabis is a very private matter. What is acceptable for one might not be for another individual, so we have compiled some advice on getting high safely, which you can use to decide how you want to get high given your circumstance and choices. You can control the way you get high, and even make your own weed gummies. How you want to use dabs, blunts or edibles is entirely your choice, as long as you are well aware of what using them entails. 

Healthy Ways

1. Dabs, wax, shatter, budder

Time for effect: 1-3 minutes

Length of effects: 1-3 hours

Typical usage: rapid alleviation of acute issues

Dabbing contains very powerful versions of rich cannabis (60% – 90% THC), which mostly comes from hash oil, and might be too strong for occasional pot smokers. Fainting after smoking dabs is prevalent for first-time smokers, as the undiluted THC decreases the blood pressure of the body drastically. Additionally, the common error of letting your lungs take the brunt by holding in reduces the blood circulation to the brain to the point of passing out. 

Cannabis impacts women more deeply than men, similar to alcohol, so for women who want to smoke pot, ensure you are in a secure environment with people you trust. Although there is no official scientific research on dabs’ long term impacts on an individuals’ well-being, statistics have shown that there is a higher chance of drug abuse with dabs. This could be due to the chemical compounds remaining in the body or it could be due to its high concentration. As we do not have a clear explanation for this, think carefully before you decide to start dabbing.

2. Smoking with a joint, blunt, bowl, spliff, pipe, or bong

Time for effect: 1-3 minutes

Length of effects: 1-3 hours

Typical usage: rapid alleviation of acute issues, do not want to be in a high for lengthy periods, fall asleep rapidly, or enjoying long sleep durations

Smoking offers irresistible pros such as a short time for the drug’s effect to hit and a brief period of high. As our lungs have a large surface area, they transmit the active THC to the bloodstream instantaneously. Peak THC plasma is present within five minutes of smoking and reduces constantly by up to 90% in a couple of hours. Seasoned smokers can control the intensity by changing how intensely they breathe and by keeping the smoke in for some seconds before breathing out. As the liver does not play a part in transmitting to the blood, a small amount of 11-hydroxy THC is created. Hence, it is more difficult to make yourself feel guilty about abusing a larger amount than usual than if you used edibles for getting high safely, and the short length of time means you can still carry on the rest of your day even if you have smoked the wrong strain.

3. Edibles, brownies, capsules, infused drinks

Time for effect: 30-90 minutes

Length of effects: 6-8 hours

Typical usage: helps one with long periods of sleep, decrease the amount of inflammation for incessant pain

Pills of marijuana are the hardest to foretell and dose. It takes around 30 to 90 minutes for any feeling to kick in because the edible must be broken down and for THC to be accepted into your bloodstream. The delta-9 THC in the edible is digested by the liver into that 11-hydroxy THC, and the production amount varies from person to person. This explains why around 20% of people who consume edibles do not feel anything while some will have intense and distressing feelings from consuming edibles. This varies a lot due to varying responses of the body to edibles.

Begin with small amounts of edibles at low frequency. The first dose can be around 2.5 to 5mg for females and 5 to 10mg for males is advised, and pause 60 minutes before consuming another dose should the effects not kick in. Upon finding the optimal amount for yourself, edibles can be the perfect method for getting high safely. You can get durable effects so that you do not have to move around with the foul-smelling paraphernalia.

4. Vaporizer

Time for effect: 1-3 minutes

Length of effects: 1-3 hours

Typical usage: rapid alleviation of acute issues, do not want to be high for lengthy periods, can be used in secret more conveniently due to no smoke produced

There are two basic versions of this milder way of pot-smoking, and they are portable and tabletop. Portable vaporizers operate on batteries and most look like e-cigarettes or bulky pens. Tabletop vaporizers are fixed on the wall and come with either a wooden or plastic box accompanied with a few pipes for breathing in. All vaporizers warm up the marijuana with an electric wire attached to a compartment holding plant matters, oils, or hash. The majority of the tabletop versions let you change the amount of heat to warm the product, which is not available in the majority of portable vaporizers in the form of pens. Vape pens operate on fixed temperatures and tabletop vaporizers provide a range of temperatures for the user to choose.

5. Tinctures, gums, drops, suckers

Time for effect: 1-3 minutes

Length of effects: 1-3 hours

Typical usage: rapid alleviation of acute issues who are unable to smoke or prefer a controlled amount

Drops, breath strips, tinctures, gums, and suckers, are held in the mouth, and THC is transferred to the blood flow via mouth membranes without digestion occurring first. It is the most fuss-free way to get high quickly and enjoy a relatively short high period, just like smoking. Another benefit is that there is no odor and waste.

6. Transdermals and Patches 

Time for effect: 5-10 minutes

Length of effects: 8-12 hours

Typical usage: long-term controlled dose remedy, mostly consumed by individuals who have to go to work or attend school

These patches contain evenly distributed cannabis, and they also look very much like nicotine patches. They are considered to be a medical good and not for leisure usage, which implies that it is relatively secured and not as exciting as the other forms.


These are six ways you can be getting high safely. Which method you choose depends on what you want to get out of getting high safely, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you decide on your preferred way of getting high.

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