Tips for Buying a Trampoline in Northern Ireland

Tips for Buying a Trampoline in Northern Ireland

Over the years, trampolines have become popular in Northern Ireland. Many homes now realize the recreational and physical advantages of buying a trampoline and setting it up in the garden. While adults are looking at fresh ways to get back in shape, children are having more fun hours on the equipment. 

Now, if you want to reap the full benefits of your trampoline, you need to choose one that is suitable for you. You can get Trampolines in NI in different shapes and sizes. Thus, it may be quite difficult to make a choice, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Below are tips that can help you for buying a trampoline.

1. Look Out for the Safety Nets

When buying a trampoline for your garden, safety is of the essence. And you need to get things right to ensure that your children can enjoy the trampoline without sustaining injuries. Most brands offer a safety net as an optional feature, but we recommend you make it mandatory for the safety of your kids.

It is important to choose products with thick safety nets. This will ensure that children and adults do not fall off when they bounce very high.

2. Consider the Weight Limits

Weight limits are very important when buying a trampoline. If you are buying for heavy users, then it is better to go for a product that has a high weight limit. A smaller product may look ideal, but a trampoline is supposed to be an investment for the long term. 

As your child grows, a product with a small weight limit may no longer hold their weight. And you cannot load a trampoline beyond the recommended weight as it may damage it. So, ensure you choose a weight that is higher than what you need at the moment instead of making an upgrade later and paying twice.

You may want to read this article for more info on trampoline weight limit.

3. The Frame Has to be Robust

Frame Has to be Robust

Most people overlook this part, but the frame of the trampoline is a very critical point to consider. The frame absorbs the weight of each bounce and it holds the trampoline in one piece. As a result, you need to ensure that the brand you choose has a robust and reliable frame.

Ensure that the frame is a heavy galvanized steel and it should have a clean welding. Also, you need to be sure it does not have a lot of sharp edges as that can lead to injuries. Due to the fact that we leave trampolines outdoors where they are exposed to the elements, it will be safe to buy a product whose frame is entirely coated. This will make it last for a longer time.

4. Look Out for the Shape

The most common shape for trampolines is the round shape. It is ideal when one bouncer is bouncing on it because you will get the best bounce at the center. That is where the equipment’s springs function evenly in order to generate a consistent and powerful bounce. But this will become a disaster if another person joins the first user. 

Among adults, the rectangular shaped trampolines are quite common. However, the drawback is the fact that safety nets do not fit well in rectangles. Well, irrespective of the choice you make, ensure that the equipment is safe for you or your kids to use.

5. Ensure That the Equipment is Properly Padded

The trampoline has a pad which you can find on its edge. If the manufacturer does not pad the equipment to standard, it will be a disaster that is waiting to occur. So, ensure that the product you want to buy is properly padded. Also, the pad should be thick and made from tough materials like polyethylene. 

Additionally, the pad must fit tightly to the equipment’s frame, to stop it from collapsing when in use. Some brands secure the paddings with ropes; you need to avoid such products because they can cause serious injuries.

6. Check if You Can Install It with Ease

Some products are difficult to install whereas others are quite easy. So, before buying, check if you need to assemble it. And if you need to, then you have to thoroughly read the assembly guidelines. Two adults can carry out the installation or you can hire an expert to install it.

You may want to find out how to install a trampoline: 


You do not want to sustain injuries when bouncing on your trampoline. So, it is important to use the tips we have shared in this article when you want to make a purchase.

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