The Smooth Driver: 5 Tips to Become a Safe and Responsible Driver

The Smooth Driver: 5 Tips to Become a Safe and Responsible Driver

Figures show that vehicular accidents account to a million deaths a year globally. Road crashes are the principal cause of death, accounting for almost 2.2% of fatalities around the world. In a busy and fast-moving world, awareness of these statistics leads us to understand that we should navigate the roads safely.

Always remember that driving isn’t a right but a privilege. Having a legit driver’s license not only gives you the privilege of driving but also makes you responsible for taking care of yourself and others while driving.

Being vigilant of our surroundings could aid us in saving our lives and that of others. Cliché it as may be, but prevention is still better than cure. Here are some tips to help you become a careful and responsible driver:

Eyes Forward

You can’t serve two masters at the same time, especially when you are traversing a busy highway. Avoid unnecessary harm to lives and properties by avoiding distractions at all cost. Eyes should always be fixed on the road and not elsewhere.

Doing stuff like fixing your makeup, setting your uniform, or looking at your reflection is better done at home and not while driving. When you hold the steering wheel, your eyes should be ready. You should always be alert as to what’s happening around. Shifting your view sporadically to check your rear-view and side-view mirrors will help too. A responsible driver always keeps his car as well as the headlights clean as its the most vital part of a vehicle. He should know some easy headlights cleaning hacks.

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Don’t Use Your Cellphone

Don’t drive and text! Don’t drive and call! In fact, don’t drive while using your cellphone! Using a phone while driving is a common distraction that can lead to accidents. If you must take a call or if you need to use your maps, use a hands-free app, or use any features that won’t become a distraction while you’re driving.

Newer models of cars nowadays have surprisingly hi-tech stuff such as A.I. and enhanced navigation technologies. Some cars can even drive themselves more safely than other real, human drivers! These features are often the topics of websites such as

If you don’t have any access to the features mentioned above, then it’s best to keep your phone on silent. Remember, it’s always better to miss a call rather than meet an accident along the way.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t ever mix cars and drinking with each other. Doing both at the same is a volatile formula which only results in tragic accidents. Drunk driving is a severe problem which, sadly, a lot of people still do. On a positive note, police officers often patrol the highways and streets to look for any driver that thinks they can get away from a proper sobriety test.

Sobriety tests are quick activities that police officers use to determine if a driver has had too much to drink. These activities are easy to do if you’re not drunk. Asking to recite the alphabet backward or walking along a straight line is usually enough to tell the officer about the condition of the driver.

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Most of the time, officers also use breathalyzers to help them establish and confirm the blood alcohol levels of a driver. If they’re too high, they place the driver in custody and allow them to sleep in a cell until they’re fit to drive. Tickets will also be issued and should be paid by the offender. Avoid the hassle and accidents. Call a cab, sleep, or don’t drink and drive.

Follow Speed Limits

Assigned speed limits have reasons. Certain places like a school zone or an accident-prone area have their designated speed limits to keep the driver and other people safe. Follow speed limits at all time.

Be on the Lookout for Traffic Signs

Red. Green. Yellow. Every driver should know what these traffic colors are. Other things that drivers should also know while driving is traffic signs. There are lots of traffic signs that are visible on every highway. Following these signs ensures that everyone is safe on the road.


A lot of people get seriously injured by traffic accidents. Sadly some suffer more tragic endings. Accidents on the highway are easy to avoid. Simple tips such as keeping your eyes focused, following speed limits, and obeying traffic signs are enough to keep everyone on the road safe.

It’s also important to stress that drinking and driving should never go together. There have been lots of stories telling the tragic fates of those who drive and drink at the same time. Avoid the risk of accidents, avoid tickets and hassle. Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

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