Top 5 Crypto Poker Site

Top 5 Crypto Poker Site


Cryptocurrency is getting more popular day by day especially bitcoin. Cryptocurrency can be used in online trading on various sites and for investments even. Another place where the cryptocurrency has gotten more famous is in the online poker sites. The competition for bitcoin poker sites is increasing continuously. Due to competition, various crypto poker sites are available. The problem that rose alongside this is that it becomes difficult for the user to choose the best and secure site from many.

Fortunately, some of the best poker sites have also offered many facilities and bonuses and many attractive prizes. It is also important that one chooses a secure online poker site. Now it is time for us to see the top 5 crypto poker sites.

Top 5 Crypto Poker Site:

Although there are online poker sites that accept more than 2 or more cryptocurrencies, the majority of them accept bitcoins. Those bitcoin poker sites are more popular compared to others. Below are some of the best crypto poker sites:


Originally it started as a sportsbook but eventually, they also included the poker. Their website supports a large number of cryptocurrencies and they also have a relatively bigger user base. They now accept cryptocurrencies in their sites. They have guaranteed prize pools and higher stakes hence they have earned a good reputation.

Most of the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency poker sites are only for people based in the USA. But it’s unique feature is that the poker sites can be used by people worldwide as well.

Some of its advantages include multiple types of poker games and formats are available. Hence, you can choose the format according to your liking. Apart from bitcoins, BetOnline accepts multiple other cryptocurrencies as well. Their website also comprises sports betting and other games as well but mostly they provide high and exclusive bonus offers.

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Another most popular and safe crypto poker site you can find. Although it only accepts cryptocurrency from the United States and Australia it still earned a high reputation for its excellent user security. For all this Ignition is the best crypto poker site in both the United States and Australia. The reasons are it is simply recreational and the games are also easier to play compared to games of other poker sites. For customer security, the track records of the games played are also recorded in their database so that it can be useful in the future. The facility of having an anonymous account is also available here only so that the tracking of users can get blocked.


It is not as good as Ignition but it still falls in the category of one of the best poker sites for cryptocurrency. Previously, they also started with sports betting but it was later that they included poker which ended up in success. It is known as a bitcoin poker site because currently, they are only accepting bitcoins. Its important feature is that you can create your account without giving in your detailed personal information. You can start playing as soon as you have created a new account and all of your transactions can be done in Bitcoin. This poker site is available in almost all the countries hence the playing locations are unlocked here.  Moreover, customer services and paying methods are also secure. Hence, there are no risks of hacking of personal accounts.

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4.SWC Poker:

This online poker site is also bitcoin-based. Still, it is one of the oldest poker game platforms and the first one to accept cryptocurrency as deposits. The site is mobile flexible as well and can be downloaded on phones or tablets. Although the user experience is at a satisfactory level you can always find an extensive amount of bitcoin poker games. High stakes gaming is also available here. There are multiple bonus or reward offers but unlike other sites, the signup bonus is not available. The payout methods are also instant and smooth.


Another best crypto poker site where cryptocurrency transactions are easy and safe. The user interface of this poker site is elegant looking so you can say that the contents there are also safe and cool. Sign up bonus is available for new users and a 200% deposit match bonus gets transferred in the user’s wallet. There is no doubt that it has a wide collection of poker games. This site accepts almost all types of cryptocurrency. It can be played from almost anywhere and the payment methods are safe and instant.


It can be said that cryptocurrency is more popular for gaming than other transactions. Although some might be confused about the security even in poker games, your information remains safe.

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