Types Of Jackets Men Should Own

Types Of Jackets Men Should Own

Yes, in each and every man’s wardrobe, a jacket is a staple. But what jackets should a man own? These days they are spoilt for choices when it comes to jackets and each and every variety can be intimidating.

But there are some particular men jackets that one must add to their wardrobe. Though when it comes to outfits, jackets are statement pieces. But the versatility of it is very important. Thus one needs to know which jacket to own and how to flaunt them.

When it comes to men’s wear then making the right investment is very necessary. So one must not neglect the quality of jackets when they are buying them. If one buys a well made jacket, then not only will they last longer but the appearance of it will be much better. Here are the top variations that one can root for:

The Leather Jacket

This is called the daddy of all jackets and when it comes to men wear, this is definitely a staple. In fact, nothing can add more masculinity in a man than a leather jacket. If one is buying a leather jacket for the first time, then they need to go for one which has minimal detailing. One can choose a biker jacket which will have zips, distressing and different kinds of fastening. By wearing them, one can look effortlessly cool. But yes, they are a bit heavy on the pockets.

The Harrington Jacket

They can easily bridge the gap in between the casual and the formal wears. They can raise the style quotient a lot. One can get endless color variations when it comes to this and so one has to choose among the options that are available. Before buying them, one has to give a look at the finer details.

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The Suede Jacket

This one is worn to create a kind of a fashion statement. And why not? Suede is very luxurious and so they can elegantly match with any outfit. They look really classy when worn but when buying; one must avoid the old school suede jackets. Instead of them, they need to go for ones which have a kind of a modern twist. They are mostly slim fitted and comes in plain colors which make it even more elegant. One can easily go for a suede bomber jacket or a suede worker jacket. When buying them, one should focus more on colors and patterns. A good suede jacket can last really long.

The Bomber Jacket

When one wants to go casual, then they must check with the bomber jackets. They have really passed the test of time. They have a cool element that one can flaunt and one can focus more on color and prints when buying them. They can also be layered underneath an overcoat if needed.

Field jackets and sport jackets are the other 2 casual variations that one can go for when they are investing in a good jacket. One must check the detailing of every jacket before buying.

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