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Founded in 2161, the United Federation of Planets, began as an interstellar alliance of colonies and planetary governments. The common goal of the UFP is mutual trade, exploratory research, scientific endeavours, cultural and diplomatic exchanges and defensive measures. To date, there are over 150 member planets spread over 8000 light-years.

The UFP is governed over by the Federation Council, composed of members from the various member planets and colonies. The Council is presided over by the Federation President, whose office can be found in Paris, France, on planet Earth.

Warp Drive Nacelles

The UFP’s guidelines are set about in the constitution of the United Federation of Planets. This historic document, written in 2161, outlines the framework by which the Federation is governed. This document was written to approximate the Constitution of the United States of America, Earth, first written in 1775 and adopted in 1776.

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