Top 8 Underwater Hotel in the World

Top 8 Underwater Hotel in the World

While planning a vacation we always lookout for the best hotels to stay. By best, we mean services, geographical location, and customer experience.  But we can’t miss out on the aesthetics, Instagram-able interiors, and a happy vibe. The concept of underwater hotel has changed the perspective we had towards luxurious hotels.

Your vacation can revolve around your stay in the case of underwater hotels.  Here, we will discuss some of the best underwater hotels across the world to show you how amazing they look like. Although the pictures can give you major travel goals, you need to be here to know the real deal.

Along with being inside and around marine life, you also get to explore the destination you visit. From Singapore to Tanzania, you have so much more to see than just being around the oceans. These places don’t have the best beaches but also have wildlife, entertainment options, amusement parks, and more. You got to consider all of these before you choose the destination you want to stay in.

Must-have experience of an underwater hotel

Who doesn’t like a room with astonishing views? In the case of underwater hotels, you get to cherish the most exotic view. Just imagine that you are living with the aquatic ecosystem. You wake up in the morning and get to see the sunlight piercing down the waters to welcome you to a new day. The colorful corals add all the colors to your day which you don’t get to see until you try water sports.

You are meters below the ground level in the most luxurious setting you can be and you spend the whole day with aquatic life. You have your breakfast, lunch dinner in this ambience. It’s like living a life in a whole new dimension.

The underwater hotels offer the best services which you can enjoy with your partner, friends, and family. Further, there are activities in which you can indulge yourself for an experience of a lifetime. There are a variety of fishes swimming all the time around you.

Many of us have aquariums in our house to watch fishes play. For plot twist, you imagine yourself inside a big (dry) aquarium, which basically is inside a deep blue ocean. There are many people scared of water but don’t want to miss out on watching sharks pass by. They would love the concept of underwater hotels and want to spend days here.

Underwater hotel trip planning

There isn’t much to do for planning a stay in underwater hotels. From the Maldives to Dubai, there are plenty of underwater hotels where you can book your stay and plan your next travel-spree. You just need to contact the hotel and follow the booking procedure.

Diving deep into the bright turquoise waters for a luxurious stay is a dream comes true. There are many people who cannot swim or wouldn’t dare to try scuba diving, Why should they miss out on the opportunity to watch the underwater world?

Even though these hotels will charge you a heftily, you won’t be disappointed as the experience is beyond imagination. The reason for charging a good amount of money for a day’s stay is the obstacles faced during construction. As it is an unimaginable venture to build such a hotel, the owners had to go through a lot of financial as well as environmental hurdles. Here is us helping you plan a trip to any of these underwater hotels given below:

1. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in China

Built in an abandoned quarry at Songjiang, the budget of the hotel costs $300 million. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is located at a distance of 20 miles from Shanghai City. The hotel was inaugurated last year that is near the end of 2018. It took almost a decade to securely construct this hotel. The entire construction work is done by Atkins Design. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland has a total of 370 rooms and an artificial waterfall.

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This hotel has levels of rooms both underwater and at ground level. You can cherish both the views. At ground level, the room rental is cheaper than that of the underwater levels. These rooms have a balcony view of the surrounding nature and the waterfalls. On the contrary, the underwater level rooms are fully secured with see-through glass layering on all sides. Further, it has an underwater swimming pool and a restaurant. You did read it right, an underwater swimming pool.

The rent for the underwater rooms per night is $15,000.

2. Lover’s Deep Submarine, St. Lucia

This hotel doesn’t start from the mainland. To be precise, it is a submarine known by the name, Lover’s Deep Submarine which was created by Oliver’s Travel, a British travel company. It is a bookable submarine for couples only. It was inaugurated in the year 2014 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity.

The hotel has a chef and a butler for offering you the 5-star services. It is more of a live submerged living quarter. The submarine has a double bedroom, a bathroom, dining space for couples and the lovely oceanic view.

The best part of this stay is that you can choose where you want to be. This means that the submarine will take you to the exact place from where you would like to cherish the oceanic view. Further, as it is a couple friendly stay, they also offer customizable décor for the visitors. It is a wonderful treat for the couples as they can spend some quality time underwater.

The rental varies starting from $2,00,000 to $2,30,000, depending on the location you choose and customization charges.


3. The Muraka, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The Muraka, Conrad’s Rangali Island, Maldives is the world’s first underwater villa situated 16 feet underwater. The term Muraka means coral in the local language of Maldives. The entire villa is filled with luxurious elements to make your stay remarkable.

The two-level structure has an above sea level portion and a below sea level portion. The portion below is 16 ft below the sea and lets you experience marine life at its best. The upper part has a living area, a bedroom and a vast panoramic view of the surrounding ocean.

Apart from this, the villa has a butler’s quarter, gym, kitchen, bar, infinity pool and can accommodate 9 people. The underwater part has a master suite, lounge, bathroom, and more amenities.

The per night charge of this villa is $50,000 and the charges might reduce you stay here for more than four nights.

underwater hotel Maldives

4. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Located in the off coast of Zanzibar, this resort was introduced for rent in the year 2013. It is a 2-minute boat ride from the beach and is a kind of a tiny private island. This resort has a star-gazing roof deck and a submerged lower level.

As a whole it is a three-level construction and a tropical luxury. You can cherish views of both the Indian Ocean and the African coastline. The lower level is situated exactly 13 feet below sea level.

The rental of these rooms varies between $1,500 to $1,700. There is only one condition for staying in this resort and that is you need to book a room for 3 nights minimum.

5. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

This resort in Sentosa, Singapore is a delight in itself. It is an amazing resort with 11 two-story suites. Further, it has a massive aquarium which houses 40,000 fishes.

The resort is like a gateway between two worlds. These 11 two-story suites are more like townhouses, where the upper part is above sea level and the lower part is below sea level. The upper part has a living room and a vast view of the sea while the lower part has the bedrooms.

The aquarium is said to be the world’s largest and your personal butler will help you take a tour around it. The charges of these townhouses vary from $1,200 to $1,750 per night.

6. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai redefines luxury in their way. This is not an underwater hotel but the floor to ceiling glass window is a treat for all the visitors. The resorts aquarium, called the Ambassador Lagoon houses 65,000 sea creatures.

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Even though the suites are not underwater, but the aquarium is enormous to create the illusion. You also get to choose a suite between Poseidon and Neptune.

The view of marine life through the huge windows gives the exact feeling of staying underwater. You wake up from bed to witness the giant aquarium right in front, and thousands of sea creatures roaming around in it.

It will cost you $8,200 for a night’s stay.

7. Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden

This is not exactly a hotel but it is underwater. Yes, the Utter Inn in Sweden is a kind of underwater hotel. This inn was designed by a local artist in a typical Swedish house style. It has a bedroom, bathroom and dining space appropriate for couples.

The hotel can be your romantic getaway 10 feet under the sea level. The underwater area is surrounded by windows, which gives you the true essence of living underwater. Also, the above sea level wooden deck allows visitors to sunbathe and cherish the surrounding landscape.

Stay here for a great romantic experience at just $200 per night.

underwater hotel sweden

8. Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Key Largo, Florida)

This happens to be the budget-friendly underwater stay in Florida. The lodge is located near Puerto Rico and precisely is the world’s oldest underwater hotel. Situated 21 feet below sea level, it is a beauty to explore.

You need to scuba dive to reach this lodge and is perfect for couples. It offers you a personal chef to cook delicious seafood and you also get the best of amenities you need.

You just need to pay $700 for a night’s stay.

Fun Activities in Underwater Hotels

Just in case you feel bored with the stay, these hotels offer a series of activities for you. We have arranged a list of activities which you can enjoy in these hotels.

  • Swimming – One of the most interesting activities which you can enjoy during your stay. The underwater hotels have their own pools or else you can also go for a swim in the sea. The swimming with dolphins in the Dolphin’s Bay is the most adventurous activity.
  • Boating – It is a very common yet interesting activity. You get to live underwater and enjoy boating at ground level. It’s similar to living in a world upside down.
  • Sunbathing – After staying for a day or two underwater, you might like to go for some sunbathing. The underwater hotels also have sunbathing facilities for their visitors.
  • Fishing – Some hotels offer underwater fishing. How cool is that?
  • Water Sports – Almost all of the above-mentioned hotels provide water sports facilities which include scuba diving, snorkeling, and other fun activities. Snorkeling into the blue waters with fishes and corals around you is a heavenly experience.
  • Lime Spa – Experiencing a lime spa session underwater in a luxurious hotel is a soothing activity.
  • Night Clubbing – You must have gone for clubbing at night but have you ever tried it underwater? Yes, there are underwater hotels that provide this service as well. It is like enhancing the clubbing experience to a whole new level.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride – The glass bottom boat ride is a very innovative and interesting activity which you can experience. It allows you to see through the boat while you enjoy the surrounding landscape. However, when you’re staying within the marine animals and have glass all around your room, it might be enough to enthrall you!

Final thoughts

Now, that you know where to visit for an adventurous underwater stay, plan your trip soon. We have all the options available onboard for you. With all the excitement, adventure and thrill, you can also enjoy delicious cuisines, various activities, and more.

Also, you can settle with a budget stay if you can’t afford super luxurious hotels. Do not worry as these constructions are highly secured and safe.  Set your budget, make the booking, pack your bags, and set out for a lifetime experience. It can also be a surprise gift for your family, spouse, children or friends.

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