6 Useful Tips to Upgrade & De-clutter Your Bedroom Space

6 Useful Tips to Upgrade & De-clutter Your Bedroom Space

Do you feel like your bedroom is always overflowing with unnecessary things? Can you never find anything amidst all the clutter? Do you rush to clean your bedroom every time someone is about to come over? Well, worry no more. These 6 useful tips will transform your bedroom!

The Importance of an Organized and Clean Bedroom

The Importance of an Organized and Clean Bedroom

A clean and organized bedroom will not only make your life easier but it will also give you satisfaction and peace of mind. According to a study in 2010, women who described their homes to be messy were more tired than women who said they had relaxing homes. Moreover, women with messy homes also had higher levels of stress hormone named cortisol. This shows the extent to which the cleanliness and organization of your home affect you.

Organize Your Drawers

Let’s just admit it: you keep stuffing your drawers until they get so messy that you can never find anything in them. Well, the first and most important part of organizing your room is organizing your drawers.

Make sure you throw away all the unnecessary things and only keep the things you need on a daily basis. You can also make sections and place similar things together inside the drawer to organize it. After this, you’ll be thanking yourself when you find something instantly the next time you’re rushing off to work.

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Declutter Your Wardrobe

Organizing your closet is another big part of keeping your room clean and it comes with many benefits. It will help you discover pieces of clothing you didn’t even know you had!

To organize your closet you should make sections of similar clothes and hang all your formal wear. You can clear the clutter by getting rid of the unnecessary clothes you no longer wear. If it is summertime then take out all your winter clothes and put them away in a box to make space in your wardrobe.

Use Storage Boxes

One of the key reasons your room might be messy is because it is overcrowded with things. You can find storage space by storing things you don’t need every day in storage boxes. For mommies with kids having lots of toys, you can also create a stuffed animal storage out of these boxes. You can keep these storage boxes at an accessible place so that you can easily take out these things when you need them.

Use the Space Under Your Bed for Storage

If you’re wondering where to keep those boxes then we have an idea for you. You can use the space under your bed wisely by keeping your small storage boxes there. This will ensure that those boxes remain easily accessible to you whenever you need them.

Also now that we’re discussing beds, if you feel like your mattress is worn out and gives your bed an untidy look then you should consider buying a bamboo queen mattress. They come in various different sizes and softness to satisfy all your needs.

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Keep Surfaces Clean and Put Artwork on Walls

If you want to make your bedroom look more organized then it’s wise to keep horizontal surfaces clear. Don’t put decorations on your dresser or side tables and this will give your room an overall neat look. Instead, you can put up artwork on your walls to give your room some character.

Don’t Forget to Equip your Bedroom with a Hamper and Trash Bin

A hamper and a trash bin will keep your room drastically clean. With both these useful things at a close distance, you won’t procrastinate disposing things away. Instead of piling up all your dirty clothes in that armchair, you can just directly stuff them in the hamper. Instead of leaving used tissues on your side tables, you can throw them away in the trash bin. As a result, your room will stay cleaner far more easily.

Once you implement these 6 simple tips, your room is bound to look transformed. These tips are easy to execute and make a lot of difference in how aesthetically pleasing your room appears. Remember, a cleaner room leads to a happier you!

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