Check Out These 12 Amazing Video Tools If You Are A Content Marketer

Check Out These 12 Amazing Video Tools If You Are A Content Marketer

Content marketing might seem a very easy task for a common man. But for professional content marketers, it involves a lot of concentration and creativeness to be successful. In the past few years, video content consumption has risen drastically. This has led to the creation of video content marketing. This is one of the best ways to advertise your brand and to attract traffic to your website. Here you will find some amazing tools for content marketer.

Considering this, many video tools for content marketer have been developed by software engineers to help content marketers make videos easily.

Let us have a look at the 12 best video tools for content marketer to advertise content effectively.

  • VidIQ

It is the best tool for YouTube marketing. Users can boost their viewers using VidIQ. It enables users to keep track of the stats, compare them with competitors, research for the most searched keywords, and provide email alerts regarding the trending topics. It is also available as a firefox extension.

The basic plan is free of cost, but users can upgrade their plans within a range of $7 to $415 per month.

  • VideoCreek

VideoCreek is a high-quality video editor and a slideshow maker. Several templates, fonts, colors, photos, and music add to the video to make it more interesting. It enables greater brand recognition by adding the watermark logo of the brand to the video. This is the most preferred tool by vloggers.

  • TubeBuddy

The main feature of this tool is that it is available as a mobile app and a browser extension. It is available on android as well as iOS. The users can schedule their posts, generate thumbnails, so keyword research and filter comments. Moreover, they provide very good customer support.

It is a free app where the basic plan is for $9 per month, and the Legend plan costs $49 per month. They also provide various coupons and discounts to their customers.

  • Magisto 

The feature that differentiates it from most of the tools is that it is an automatic video editor. Users have to add photos and videos that they want to use in the video. Magisto will automatically choose the best parts from them and create an attractive video. It also allows users to shoot photos and videos from the tool itself. There are a number of filters and music available that can be added to the video.

The price ranges from $59 per year to $419 per year.

  • Slidely 
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Slidely is a user-friendly editing tool. Thousands of templates, video clips, images, and music audios are available for the users. The steps to create a video are very simple. Users can post the video anytime on any social media platform for the customers. The videos can be created in all formats and sizes according to the social media platform.

  • Videoshop 

This is an amazing video editing tool that is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Its key features are filter application, music addition, providing a title and subtitles to the videos, and combining multiple clips into a single video. Users can also add various sound effects like applause to make the video more attractive.

  • Vimeo 

This is the best video editing tool for video marketing. It provides 7 TB storage with the premium plan, hence, making it possible to store and manage all the videos in one place. Users can add their team members for an enhanced video quality analysis. It is also possible to track the performance of the video. The most captivating part of the video for the viewers can also be viewed.

  • Common Craft

Common Craft has a feature that attracts most users, which is the creation of animations from the photos and videos. One can shoot the video directly with Common Craft for editing. It is a very simple and easy to use tool which saves a lot of time. Moreover, users can evaluate their videos free of cost

  • Agorapulse 

Enabling marketing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, this tool enables social media management as well. Users can schedule their posts, discover hashtags, and manage content. Apart from this, it provides topic recommendations as well. A free trial and demo are also available.

  • Promolta 
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Promolta makes the process of video editing effortless. It is integrated with YouTube. Just add the link to the YouTube video, and the video will be automatically shared with tons of websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Users can also choose a target audience and a campaign budget. It is not only a video editing tool but also a video promotion tool, which makes it unique and most beneficial for the users.

  • Vidyard 

Vidyard is used by businesses to increase traffic. With the help of the analytics tool, the video’s performance in the market can be tracked. Employee training, corporate communications, and lead generations can also be managed with Vidyard. It enables users to share and host videos on various social media platforms. Companies like Lenovo and Citibank use it.

  • Stacker 

An amazing tool for video editing, Stacker, makes it possible to post the video on all social media websites simultaneously. Users can set a date and time for posting a particular video. Stacker posts the video automatically at that time. Users can also choose a particular geographical area as a target.


Video marketing is one of the most preferred tactics by businesses to promote their brand. For this, there are a lot of video editing tools for content marketer available online. But it is up to the users to choose the tool according to their needs and requirements. While some of the video editing tools, like outro makers are free, users can always upgrade their plan to avail of all the features and benefits. 

In this article, the best video editors are enlisted. You can choose any of these to create attractive videos that help you gain organic followers. 

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